Infographic: China increases defense budget for 2013 to $132 billion compare to USA $600 for 2014

Posted 3/11/2014 3:54 am @ Taipei, Taiwan – Well I just had to blog about this.  This is truly sad when you put it up on a graph…  and take a look it’s not a graphing trick the scale is correct!!

If USA redirect half of all that military budget to re-building infrastructures (roads, highways, high speed trains), cheaper education for students, and many other MORE IMPORTANT things… it will be much better use.  USA would still have $300 in military budget and we will still have out spent the 2nd place China by $168 billion!  Ie, double their spending.  This really puts into perspective on how stupid the military budget is.


Infographic: China increases defense budget

March 5, 2014 7:00PM ET
China announced a 12.2 percent increase in military spending to $132 billion
Despite an increase in China’s defense budget, U.S. military spending — $600 billion in 2013 alone — far supersedes that of every country.

China’s government responded to public demands for bold leadership with vows Wednesday to press long-sought market reforms, defend against terrorism after a horrific slashing attack, and heavily boost military spending amid rising tensions with Japan.

The promises delivered by Premier Li Keqiang in his first annual policy speech also included cutting official waste, combating persistent smog and pushing ahead with President Xi Jinping’s signature campaign to fight the rampant graft that has undermined public faith in the ruling Communist Party.

China announced a 12.2 percent increase in military spending to $132 billion. That followed last year’s 10.7 percent increase to $114 billion, making China’s defense budget the second-highest in the world, behind the United States, which spent $600.4 billion on its military last year.

Increases in China’s military budget have regularly exceeded both total increases in government spending and the nation’s rate of economic growth. That has allowed lavish spending on new hardware and better conditions for soldiers, raising concerns about how China intends to use its new-found power amid a rise in tensions with Japan over uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

China’s Foreign Ministry said it was reasonable for the People’s Liberation Army to modernize. “Nothing to get fussy about. China’s PLA aren’t like scouts carrying spears,” spokesman Qin Gang said.

While becoming increasingly assertive in its own territorial claims, Beijing has at the same time accused Japan of renewed militarism and dwelled on Tokyo’s history as an aggressor during World War II.

“We will safeguard the victory of World War II and the postwar international order, and will not allow anyone to reverse the course of history,” Li said, in an obvious dig at Tokyo.

Li announced an official growth target of 7.5 percent this year, signaling that the government would not let growth dip too low — or unemployment surge — while it carries out ambitious economic reforms. Li warned that reforms are at a critical stage as he pledged to open state-dominated industries to private investment.

The Associated Press


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