a famous chinese lolita “small flags” – 小彩旗 魏彩綺 網友封為“新生代女神”

Last updated 2/4/2014 8:23 am @ Miao-Li, Taiwan – I want to add a video from her teacher Yang Li-ping 楊麗萍 who is well known world wide.  If you have not seen her before, you should.  Her dance of the peacock is quite famous.  The video below describes her dance philosophy…  too bad there’s no English subtitle.


Last updated 2/3/2014 5:20 pm @ Miao-Li, Taiwan – 魏彩綺 nick named小彩旗 (aka small flags) began training at age 2 and was performing for the public since age 5.  In the past few years she is always present in the televised Chinese New Year programs.  She is very pretty and cute at the same time and above that she is a talented and skilled dancer.  I had no clue who she is/was until today actually, since I rarely watch any programming from mainland China.  Her beauty caught my eye.

Small flag’s performance in this year’s Chinese New Year special.  She spins stationary for 4 hour straight!

Small flag’s performance from June 2013!  3000 stationary spins in 4 hours.  That has to be a world record!

Small flags with some “raw” footages.  All eyes are on her so no doubt there is a bit of pressure for a teenager to handle.

Her performance from 2013.  Her teacher/aunt is the world famous dance performer Yang Li-Ping.  Small flags is stunning beautiful and shows off her strong skills.  Her beauty is more than skin deep.  At the risk of being call a pedo bear I declare my strong admiration for her beauty and grace.  🙂  She is in a class of her own, very rare breed.

Her performance from 2009.

Small flags, formerly known as Wei Cai Qi, a Chinese famous dancer Yang Liping’s niece, the daughter of the painter Yang Limei.January 30, 2014, due to continuous rotation in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Year of the Horse more than four hours, was friends dubbed the “new generation goddess.”

Chinese Name:Wei flags Alias:Small flags
Hometown:Lijiang, Yunnan Gender:Female
National:Bai Nationality:Chinese
Date of birth:24 January 1999 Occupation:actor Academy
Representative works:“Dynamic Yunnan”

Small flags – learning experience

 小彩旗 Small flags

Small flags in the school did not receive formal nine-year compulsory education , cultural dance that is self-learning. [1]

May 1, 2010, the small flags are Beijing Dance Academy exceptional admission.

Small flags – Performance experience

2012年1月17日,湖南卫视小年夜春晚,杨丽萍与13岁爱徒小彩旗共同表演舞蹈《春》。January 17, 2012, Hunan Satellite TV’s Eve show, 13-year-old disciple Yang and small flags dance together “Spring.”

Small flags two years old when he followedYang learning to dance, Yang found that little bunting very talented.

2004 5-year-old began bunting in “Dynamic Yunnan” show.

2007 to participate in “the more the merrier policy” program.

January 19, 2009 rule, “2009 Hunan TV Spring Festival – happy home, on our way,” Sa Dingding small flags and staged a scene of considerable ethnic customs program “Alive.”

June 2010, appeared in “Yunnan sound.”

January 17, 2012, to participate in Hunan TV Spring Festival Evening dance with Yang “Spring.”

2012 summer drama “Peacock” national tour playing “Time” rotating around 3,000 laps.

January 30, 2014, to participate in the CCTV Spring Festival Evening Year of the Horse, continuous rotation over four hours.

Small flags – performers festival

 小彩旗 Small flags

“The Sun”
“Spirit Bird”

Small flags – Family

小彩旗Small flags

Small flags a 4, and a younger brother. Mother,Yang Limei , operating a hotel in Dali. Aunt is China’s famous dancer Yang Liping .



中文名:魏彩旗 別名:小彩旗
籍貫:雲南麗江 性別:
民族:白族 國籍:中國
出生年月:1999年1月24日 職業:演藝演員


隱藏 ]

1 學習經歷
2 演出經歷
3 表演節日
4 家庭

小彩旗- 學習經歷

 小彩旗 小彩旗



小彩旗- 演出經歷










小彩旗- 表演節日

 小彩旗 小彩旗


小彩旗- 家庭





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