the goodness pebble effect; lets spread some love in 2014! – finding “Mike” & Russian kindness

Last updated 2/1/2014 1:39 am @ Miao-Li, Taiwan – originally I was going to make this post a VOTD but I like the first video a lot so I thought I would stay on topic and expand it a little bit.

You can feel the purity of heart in the video.  Especially when they meet.  It is wonderful to witness.  I like how the video is not done overly sentimental.  I hate those types…

I bet you for “Mike” it was just a little random act of kindness.  Yet it absolutely save one life and profoundly affected many others direct and indirectly due to the process of finding “Mike”.  This is the perfect demonstration of a little “goodness” pebble causing a huge ripple effect at work.  When the search for “Mike” began the video request went viral and touched millions.  Now that Mike is found the news will touch more people and it made it across USA and maybe even Taiwan now.  Think about if there are more good pebbles being throw everyday how much better the world will be?  All it takes is a little bit more awareness.  Smile at a stranger today – sometimes that’s all it takes!

The general thought is Russians are crazy and tough.  We’ve all seen the crazy crashes out of Russia, but you guys should also check out the kindness of Russians.


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