Random Awesome Videos Of The Day – 1/28/2014

Updated 1/28/2014 2:50 am @ Taipei, Taiwan

well isn’t that just adorable.  =)  look at the love in the cat’s eyes!

Ken O’Leary from Shark Tank, what a fucking idiot…  he has no compassion at all.  He has no soul.

it’s a very cool demo of advanced 5 axis machining. hundreds of hours in programming and machine time!

A mom’s love for his child is pretty damn amazing. Her daughter was a reckless teenager. She was drunk riding her scooter as fast as 140 km/h and eventually she lost control. The wreck caused a fired and she was burnt severely. She ended up in a coma for 5 months and when she woke up she had lost 3 limbs and badly disfigured face. This is the story of how they overcome some incredible challenges. It’s a Christian video but none the less the story is moving. I’ll probably do a more elaborate blog about it later. Too bad the video isn’t sub-titled.


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