FU Paypal, my 2nd lock out due to their stupid senseless policy

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First created 1/21/2014 7:25 am

Cliff note version: I’m currently in Taiwan, buying something from Australia to ship to Taiwan, my paypal verified addy is in Cali.  Paypal locked me out simply because I’m not accessing from USA.  I called to verify my identity, provided all the correct info but paypal still won’t un-lock my account simply because I’m not physically in USA.  WTF why does it matter where I’m at?

Long winded version:

I just tried to buy something from a company (lets call them XXXX) that has office both in Australia and California.  I needed to send them a payment.  My verified address is in California but I’m currently in Taiwan.  I receive an paypal invoice from the company and I tried to pay for it.  The request was sent from XXXX’s mobile phone I believe.  When I click on the request link it put up a page asking me to login.  I enter in my username/password however paypal tells me the transaction can not be complete on a mobile device even though I’m actually on a desktop.

The oxy moron is when I manually login to my paypal account I DO NOT see the request any where.  So the only thing I can do is click on the request email which is https://m.paypal.com/sm?t=74538708EM7584323 I then tried to remove the “m.” to see if the link will work.  No go.  Then I decided to manually log in and manually send XXXX the payment by sending it directly instead of through his paypal invoice.  After I input all the information and click send, I’m told there is a problem and my account is now locked.

I immediately get on my google voice and call paypal’s CS.  I told them I’m probably being locked out because I’m access it from another country.  The girl ask me to give her my full name, social securities numbers, and my address for verification.  I provided them, then she tells me she is unable to verify.  I’m like WHAT THE FUCK are you talking about.  The information is absolutely correct.  She said she can not help me until I”m physically back in USA.  This is a fucked up ass policy that makes zero sense.  I’ve already proved who I am.  They should unlock the account so I can at least check it.

Not long ago I had the same shitty experience with them.  I’ve had mine paypal account for at least 10 years already.  I did not use it for about 4 years during 2007-2011.  When I first tried to gain access to it they also gave me hell.  The only reason I use them was because I put up some parts on ebay and paypal was the default payment system.  ebay does have a good reach after all as I manage to sell all the parts I put up for bidding.  But they are greedy as fuck.  Between the auction fees and paypal fees they will easily take 15% of your total.  No wonder they pull in some major revenue.  It is pure highway robbery.  I’m certainly not the only one having issues with paypal.  If you google paypal fucking sucks you will see several sites reporting horror stories about their nightmare experience with paypal.

Check this link out for another person’s paypal horror story.  His story is similar to mine.  Accessing from overseas, canned responses…  nazi shit from paypal.  http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?p=16620221

I guess my solution for now would be to create a paypal Taiwan account so I can finish the order.  As much as I hate paypal this is the fastest way to buy the item I want.  In the future though if I can find any decent alternatives I will NOT be giving paypal any of my business.

The dumb ass customer service lady told me I have to be physically back in USA before they will give online access of my account back.  I asked to explain how why does it matter where I am physically at?  She has no explanation.  FUCK YOU PAYPAL.

I wanted to add the link where minecraft’s developer had his account frozen in 2010 when the sales of his game took off suddenly.  http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/103385-PayPal-Freezes-750K-in-MineCraft-Devs-Account

The crux of the problem really, is that paypal’s customer service people are like stupid ass robots.  They make so many assumptions about your situation.  Their excuse is they are offering you additional protection.  The idea of that is good but their execution is absolutely ass backwards.  Take my situation:  I explained to them I just access the account from over seas and plus I was trying to send some money (only $700, not a huge number) out.  I can understand why it might be considered “suspicious activity”.  However, the fact the I phoned in and identified and verified (social security #, address, secure question…) myself should have un-locked my account immediately.  That should have been the end of story and I would not be so upset.  It’s their inability to assess the situation and respond in a professional manner that is upsetting and unacceptable.


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