Random Awesome Videos Of The Day – 5/28/2012

Updated 5/28/2012 3:04 am @ Union City, California – saw a few really good videos today that I wanted to share and keep a log of.

Evil people manipulating money…  believe it.

I share these beliefs. There are lot of evil stuff going on in the usa… yes, there is a system working against you.  All these evil pharma pushing drugs that does nothing but damage and control you.

I love the Ancient Aliens series.  This one is awesome, no exception!  Check it out.

This is an awesome short 30  minute videos about the failing of the American Dream.  How the evil privately run Federal Reserve really is…  we need Ron Paul for President in 2012 to take back America and make it the way the founding fathers envisioned!!

Smart phone have really pushed the advances for technology.  It is mind boggling how much function they pack into a little mobile phone.  Pretty amazing how small they are able to get the packaging of accelerometer down to!  It is tiny.

This last one is quite long almost 1.5 hours.  I read about the Japanese water experiment before but this film takes everything to whole another level…   it’s long but worth your time if you have some…


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