blog: a beautiful war story… and, NO MORE WARS!

Updated 5/28/2012 12:02 am @ Union City, California

KQED’s (local PBS channel) playing American Experience about soldier’s experience…  I have this playing in the background while I’m on the computer browsing random stuff.  Then I heard a beautiful story.  It was by an American soldier during Vietnam war name Richard L.  I didn’t quite catch his last name.  The story goes something like this:  he had carried a photo of a Vietnamese soldier’s photo which is a young man in his 20’s with about a 4 years old daughter.  The Vietnamese man had plenty of opportunity to kill Richard as he had an AK47 pointed at Richard for quite some time but for some reason he never pulled the trigger.  Richard finally was able to react with his training and killed him instead.  This haunted Richard for many years and he pulls out the man’s photo everyday and thinks about the life that he was given.  He was finally able to let it go couple of years ago when he visited the Vietnamese Memorial Wall in Washington DC.  He wrote a beautiful letter and left the photo on the wall.  The letter thanked the man and Richard promise to life to the fullest.  Doing it for all the men who didn’t get to live theirs because of war defending for their country.

The evil war machines (Obama is a puppet) is trying to start a war in Iran.  Don’t let it happen!!

On a related note to casualties in wars…  Less than 60,000 American’s died in Vietnam war.  In the whole grand scheme of things that’s not a lot of people.  Yet in American media we talk about the Vietnam war SO MUCH.  It’s crazy.  I can’t help but to think a lot of it is propaganda.  It’s kind of like 911.  Few thousand American’s died and it gets broadcast-ed in media frequently…  more propaganda if you ask me.

A fact that I haven’t heard verified but I saw it in a water documentary that over 5 million people die from lack of clean water source EVERY YEAR alone!  That’s a lot of people when we have all the resource and technology to stop that from happening…  I don’t mean to down play the significance of Vietnam Veterans or any other veterans.  Wars are terrible for every soldier that had to go through them.  I simply can’t imagine myself doing it…  I’d make a terrible soldier and probably die pretty fast…


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