Repost: ‎”You are a brand new you!” (someone’s comments/experiences walking down the spiritual path)

Updated 5/15/2012 5:40 am @ Union City, California – Good short article.  Since childhood I have enjoyed the philosophical and materials that requires more thoughts.  Even when I was in elementary I would listen to a lot of songs that were quite sappy and my parents would be like why do you listen to music like that?  Isn’t it depressing?  I rather enjoyed “feeling” the meanings of such songs and lot of them would move me to tears.  In fact, lot of songs still do, if I concentrate and feel what the song writer was trying to convey.  A good song will transcend time  and place and take you on a journey.  But my journey that allowed me to move significant forward on spirituality wasn’t until 2004-2005.  That was the time period where I first started Vipassana meditation and Yoga (Bikram hot yoga).  I still practice both daily.  I even started a group on myspace called “Body Connections” to gather up people who are interested in the ultimate connection between body, mind and spirit and trying to develop all 3 aspects to the max.  Speaking of which, I need to move that group to facebook.


‎”You are a brand new you!”
Do you have the patience to burn in the fire of your Soul’s purification? Can you allow your ego to be burned up through the humble trials of the human experience? Can you die to the fear of your fears and face a new fear daily knowing that is how you grow?

This is the spiritual path.
Humility is the key – the humility to know that you are just dust and a speck within an Infinite Uni-verse. And the humility to know that even though that is true, you are a child of The Uni-verse. So confidence and humility go hand in hand. And not only are you special in your own unique way, so is everyone else.

REMEMBER: you ARE supported!

When we ask for spiritual lessons, we tend to think they will come dressed up with a bow and last only a few moments. But sometimes a lesson can be a year, two, three, five, ten or a lifetime.

I know for me I truly feel as if the lesson of patience is my LIFETIME lesson during my life. When I first prayed to The Uni-verse to learn patience I thought I was actually asking The Uni-verse to speed things up! OH what a fool this mortal be!

That is NOT what happened. In fact, the OPPOSITE happened. I had to wait, and wait and wait… and WAIT!

When we ask or pray to learn a lesson, it means that the opposite of what we want is going to happen.

Think about it. The only way to TRULY learn and embody forgiveness is to be betrayed. It’s the only way. Otherwise it’s just a mental construct. And understanding doesn’t bring about true transformation; only EXPERIENCE can do that.

It’s almost as if this generation of seekers are asking for experience over knowledge. Knowledge is power, but only if you APPLY it. And when we APPLY spiritual knowledge we sign up for an EXPERIENCE that truly challenges our ego.

Aren’t you glad you are reading this positive and loving blog?

No, but seriously… this is how it is.

We crave the experience of being alive, not the knowledge of the wisdom of the ages. SCREW WISDOM without application – it’s almost worthless. Without applying what we know and LIVING what we know to be true, life is just a mental bore fest with lots of knowledge and no passion, no juice, no uncertainty, nothing really worth living for.

When we ask to experience the Divine, it means that everything that isn’t in alignment with your Soul is taken away. Joseph Campbell said it best, “We aren’t looking for the meaning of life as much as we are looking for the EXPERIENCE of being alive!”

Don’t think experience is that important. If you were in the middle of a desert and dying of thirst, would the KNOWLEDGE that water is one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen help you? Would the knowledge of an oasis 50 miles away help you? NO! The only thing that will help you in that thirsty moment is the EXPERIENCE of water in your system.

Knowledge without experience dries us up.

Today, we are seeking the experience of the Soul, of the Divine, of our true and authentic nature. Which means we must transcend knowledge alone and begin to APPLY what we know. Not once, not twice, not when we FEEL like it, but in every moment.

Surrender the ego, AGAIN! Admit we were wrong, AGAIN! Set a boundary with that person, AGAIN! Be Love in the presence of hate, AGAIN! Get up and try, AGAIN!

This is the spiritual path. There is no lottery prize or grand bang when you come into contact with your Soul, with the Divine. There is a feeling of Presence, or being held, of being in the perfect moment in time and space. And nothing and NO ONE can take that away from you. From that feeling place of the Presence we can take that out into the world and manifest from that place, not seeking to GET MORE, NO – but to GIVE MORE. To help others get to that place within and trust that the manifestation that follows is in perfect alignment.

The experience of the Divine within comes from giving up the need to CONTROL and step into allowing, acceptance and DANCING with the physical world instead of being terrified and needing to dominate it.

This is where we are going, this is where we are heading and this is what we are craving!

And when we recognize this, we will wake up and see, hear and feel how truly nurtured and supported by The Uni-verse we are. And thank It out loud for NOT making our ego desires come true!

We sign up for stress in the search for Love and for the Divine.

If there’s something you can’t handle, just give it up. Know that you are being nurtured and surrender the outcome. The Uni-verse doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. It knows you well. If things haven’t been working out your way, isn’t it time to try something else?

I dare you to surrender your ego to your heart. I dare you to tell the truth about what you are feeling. I dare you to give up the search for significance and pick up the path of service.

Can you humble your own desires and listen to the GENIUS that is trying to come through the still small voice within?

Do you have what it takes? Let me know, comment or email:




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