Lessons in life from basketball court – the power of silence.

Updated Sunday 5/6/2012 1:48 pm @ Union City, California – Added  Part 2 below.  Some times silence doesn’t work, but a few selected words will do the trick.  =)  Let the action speak instead.

Updated Saturday 5/5/2012 12:24 pm @ Union City, California – basketball is life!

At 9:20 am I drove to the near by community sports center to play basketball.  This facility has two full courts.  There was a group of Asians running full court already.  On my side there was just myself shooting around and warming up.  After about 20 minutes or so, a guy came in with valley ball.  He walks to the back side and probably said something like that court is for valley ball or something.  So these groups guys finished their game and then move over to my side.

The normal etiquette would be to ask if I would like to join them and run full court.  At the very least, they should ask and see if I mind giving up my court to them.  They said nothing to me and started their game.  The offensive team scores and then they’re about to move to my half court.  Still they said nothing.  I knew they were coming but I continue to shoot around act like they aren’t there.  They bring the ball over half court and still no one said anything.  I basically stare at them face to face and continue to do my shooting.  They had to stop and break up their play.  I took my sweet time, do a few more shots.  Look at all of them one more time and then slowly move to the side basket.  In my mind at first I was thinking of saying something but I decided that silent but deliberate gestures would work just as well.  And it did.  🙂

I didn’t need to say anything I’m sure they know what I was thinking.  They never tried to communicate at all…  they had some 15 players but I think they felt me alright.  They sucked anyway…  bunch of lame 25-45 years old wannabe ballers.  Couple guys were okay but I wasn’t impressed at all with their personal skill level or understanding of team work.

All they had to do was holler at me and ask nicely I would’ve let them have the court.  Rude people get rude treatment.

Anyway, ran 4 full court games after than because more people came.  We lost the first one because we had two young kids with us (middle school age, at most 10th grade).  We still put up a fight only lost by 2 or 3 shots.  We we the next 3 games because we had a team that understood team basketball.  Couple games we were down as much as 4 shots and still came back (game to 16).

I’m polishing off my 5 months of rust.  It’s only been 5 days of playing so far but my touch is coming back very nicely.  Not doing any bank shots focusing on bottom of the net for now.  It is working swell.

Part 2: I arrived at the gym around just past 11 am.  On the other court Sunday League game is happening.  On this side just few guys shooting around.  Finally after about 20 minutes enough people show up for full court.  But each our team had to pick up a middle school kid.  It was a good game we were down as much as 4 shots but came back and lead by 1 at one point, but eventually lost the game by 2.

Game 2, it was sea saw at first despite us having all adults but they still retain the kid.  Eventually it was 15-14 our lead game point.  By this time the other court with league game is all done and empty.  But there are all these people kids and adults shooting at our side basket constantly disrupting the game.  Finally I had enough of this crap and I kicked one of the ball that roll in far away.  Game resume.  Couple of other guys on the side line tried to talk shit about why I kicked their ball.  I just ignored them as I’ve already made my point.  I didn’t need to talk back and forth with them.  Overall I’ve noticed lot of basketball player here are dicks.  They think they’re all that.  I’m only at about 60% but the progress is steady.  I think 2-3 more weeks I’ll be at 80% and I’ll start schooling these fools at will.  Can’t wait.  Heh.  Anyway, we won the 2nd game.

BTW during game 2 I called couple of fouls.  One where the dude poked my face and never apologized.  The other time the same dude said I was calling sissy fouls when his team mate grabbed my forearm when I was shooting.  I said what ever fool, if you wanna play no fouls I’m game.  Buster don’t know shit about me I’ve played tons of games in the ghetto with some strong players before.  I can hold my own in ghetto ball with people of similar physical size.

Bunch of punks here…  naturally he didn’t say shit after I didn’t back down from a his shit talk.


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