Repost: A touching story about potatoes, an old woman and a judge. 感動的故事 – 老奶奶, 木薯, 和 法官

Updated 3/29/2012 9:53 am @ Hayward, California – Protecting the old, young, and the weak.  that is the values I believe and the way I was taught growing up reading old timer stories in Chinese.  I came across this beautiful story and it is great to hear about a judge with common sense and wisdom.  Bravo Mr. Marzuki.  I salute you.

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A touching story about potatoes, an old woman and a judge.

Very moving, a judge named in the Court of Indonesia Marzuki waschoked with a description of the offender who pleaded guilty to an old lady and steal potatoes.

In the room of justice, a judge sat pondering check charge to a grandmother accused of stealing potatoes. Grandmother appeals that her life was poor, her son is sick, and grandson in hunger. But the owner of the farm manager still maintain that this should be made a lesson to the others.

The judge sighed and said, “Excuse me, ma’am,” he said as he looked at the grandma.

“I can not stretch the law, the law remains the law, so you should be punished. I am punishing you Rp 1 million (about RM350) and if you can not afford to pay then you should go to jail for 2.5 years, as required by the law. ”

The grandma was reversed fatigue. But suddenly the judge took down his judge hat, opened up his wallet and then took out Rp 1 million and put inside his hat and said to the audience who were in the courtroom.

“As a judge of justice, I am also dropping a fine on each of those present in this courtroom, amounting to Rp 50 thousand (about RM17), because living in this city, and allowing a person to starve and have to steal to feed her grandchildren.

“Civil registry, please collect the fine in my hat and give it all to the defense.”

Before the hammer hit, the grandmother have raised funds of Rp 3.5 million, and some have been paid to the court to pay a forfeit. After that she returned with a happy face and touched with the balance of Rp 50 thousand including the money paid by the estate manager who make the claim.

The story is very interesting and can be share to be an example to enforcement of law everywhere to work with a conscience and emulate this noble-hearted of Marzuki.







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