Random Awesome Videos Of The Day – 3/18/2012

hahaha, crazy jp cartoon!! if you love 2 wheels bicycle or motorcycle you’ll love this hahaha… so, the chick is a bad ass rider that has NEVER lost to a man. her only lover is her motorcycle. she have orgasm with it when she rides. the young kid is 25 year old downhill bicyclist of some sort. the reason he’s silly enough to challenge the chicks is because whoever beats her gets to have her… enjoy. 🙂

**大江 錦太郎:平時總是騎著自行車四處旅行 – 富有學習熱忱卻有些好色 – 總是騎著自行車四處旅行 – 好色卻見義有為的個性常帶來許多麻煩 ** 寺山麗子-因為覺得沒有男人尬得贏他 – 她對男人沒興趣只愛她的B仔 – 所以只會在自己的摩托車上發浪 – 結果錦太郎跟她尬山路是為了贏B仔就可以得到寺山麗子的身體

side ways drifting in a passenger jet plane!  mad skills displayed.  🙂  *bows down to  captain*

gotta love near death experiences caught on tape.  these are some super close shaves!  damn lot of these footage are first time viewing for me.  amazing!

2010 Korea RC Street Drift Challenge!

This one is timeless.  Sick editing.

those that know me on a personal level knows i’m no fan of the bible. 🙂 nor am i a fan of must church’s… that’s another subject all together but anyways i just turned on the tv and this guy was on. i noticed he was very well spoken and quite eloquent. i like his style a lot. i quite enjoyed his little segment so i decided to look him up. anyway, if you are reading this are you are bored feel free to watch this a little bit and see if you agree with me that he’s easy to listen to and easy on the eyes. i certainly don’t mind hearing what this guy has to say.

dude has a funny monologue (mandarin chinese).

originally i had Omyra’s video here but she deserves her own separate post/blog entry.  instead this is the music that was used in that video.  it is titled Sad Romance and very fitting.  amazing piece of work by Thao Nguyen Xanh i’m not sure if that name is a he or she.  not much i could find about Thao on google.  kind of strange actually.  the song best known as used in Final Fantasy X.


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