An Incredible Dog With Pride 咬舌自盡的狗 (A true story from Taiwan)

Updated 3/20/2012 12:40 am @ Union City, California – proof read the entire English translation.  fixed some typo’s and corrected some sentences.

Updated 3/17/2012 8:16 am @ Union City, California – what an incredible true animal story.  i’m touched and shed some tears…  i’m a big animal and dog lover!



Original Chinese text written by Patrick Chai:

English Translation by Frank M. Lin


Once upon a time, I rode a taxi to take my dog to the veterinarian.  My dog was coughing terribly it drew the attention of the taxi driver.  He turn around and asked “Did the dog catch a cold?”.

“Yeah, the dogs’s been coughing none stop since last night.”  I said.

The taxi driver let out a long sigh and said “The dog’s cough sound just like a person!”.

Once the conversation started, the taxi driver shared a painful experience about his dog.

Many years ago, he had a big German shepherd.  It grew really big and had an huge appetite.  The shepherd had a incredibly loud bark and was causing problems with the neighbors.

One day the taxi driver felt the burden was too great and he no longer wanted to keep the shepherd.  He put the shepherd in a cloth bag and drove him out of the city for release.  In order to prevent the dog from coming home the taxi driver drove over 150 km to central Taiwan deep in the mountains.  Upon release, he quickly speed up to drive away.  The German shepherd chased him for a few clicks and then disappeared in the mirror.  The driver rushed home and didn’t give the dog another thought.

After about a week, one night there was a loud bang at the door.  To the surprised of the taxi driver, it was the big German shepherd knocking on the door and he made it home!  The dog looks withered and exhausted and obviously spend the entire time running and searching.  The taxi driver was astonished but he didn’t give it a second thought.  He brought out the cloth bag and put the German shepherd in it again.  This time he drives through a curvy mountain road and heads for Yi-Lan, a little flat plane South East of Taipei.  Again he drives at a frantic pace but along the way he heard the German shepherd howling and whimpering.

When he arrived at Yi-Lan’s mountain area, he opened up the cloth bag to release the dog but it was all bloody inside.  Blood was still rolling down the shepherd’s mouth.  He opens the jaw of the shepherd and its tongue is in 2 pieces.  The dog has bidden his own tongue off because he no longer wish to be alive…

After the taxi driver shared this story, there was dead silence in the car.  From the rear view mirror I can see the taxi driver’s blood shot eyes.  After a while the driver said “Every time I see someone with a dog I think about my German shepherd.  This will haunt me until the day I die.  I’m not worthy to be a human.  I’m not even worthy to be a dog.”

Hearing the taxi driver’s story, an image formed in my head of the that great German shepherd running in the wilderness, in the high mountains, through small towns and big cities running for hundreds of kilometers wandering and searching for his master and home.  No one really knows what the dog had to go through to make it home.  After the incredible journey home, the master didn’t welcome him.  Not a single word of console but instead, the master immediately drives the shepherd away for second attempt at release.  For an dog with so much affection for his master and pride that is an incredible blow.  Rather than being rejected by a callous and insensitive master the dog would rather execute the ultimate release himself.

The taxi driver said, he gave his loyal German shepherd an elaborate burial ceremony and he often visits the grave to pay his respect.  Even so he can not eliminate the regret.  He vows to share his story with the dog owners and he advice everything to love and cherish their dogs.  In doing so he hope this will reduce his sin/guilt.













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