Repost: Just Like Dear Old Mom (18 year old guy claims to be in love with a 48 year old woman… sound advice is given by an expert. cool!!)

Update 3/9/2012 6:48 am @ Union City, California – with the recent Modesto news of thirty something dude in love with an 18 year old female student…  this is a good counter point and comparison when the gender role is reversed.  and in this case, they met at a cafe, not school.


Just Like Dear Old Mom

In a live chat, Dear Prudence advises the mother of a teen involved with a woman 30 years older

By |Posted Monday, March 5, 2012, at 2:57 PM ET

Emily Yoffe.

Emily Yoffe

Photograph by Teresa Castracane.

Emily Yoffe, aka Dear Prudence, is on weekly to chat live with readers. An edited transcript of this week’s chat is below. (Sign up here to get Dear Prudence delivered to your inbox each week. Read Prudie’s Slate columns here. Send questions to Prudence

Emily Yoffe: Good afternoon, everyone. Let’s get to it.

Q. My Son Is in Love With a Woman Older Than Me: My just turned 18-year-old son, who is a senior in high school and lives at home, recently came home and told me he has his first girlfriend and that he is in love. He said she is older than he is. He looks a bit older than 18. Turns out his new love is 48 years old. That is a year older than me. I met her, and she is actually very nice and in love with my son. If I had grown up in this town, we would have been in school together and likely best friends. She is not his teacher or in any position that would be suspect. They simply met in a cafe and fell in Love. Is this OK?

A: She may not be his teacher, but she’ll be his teacher, all right. This does not feel very OK, and if the sexes were reversed it still wouldn’t. A 30-year age difference for a first romance is definitely designed to make one’s parents unhappy. As “nice” as this woman may be, she sounds utterly oblivious to the inappropriateness of her behavior. Your son should be focused on his homework and going to college—if that’s on his agenda—so as with any romance you need to make sure he’s not devoting all his time to his new girl, ah, lady friend. However, he’s 18, and the bigger deal you make of this, the deeper his love is likely to be. You can express your understandable concern that he’s dating someone older than you, then back off and make sure he’s studying for his biology test.


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