Repost: This Is How Completely Stupid The Obama Administration Is

Updated 3/3/2012 9:33 am @ Union City – Yet another example of how stupid Obama and his administration is…


This Is How Completely Stupid The Obama Administration Is.

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OMG, you guys. It just doesn’t get any more ridiculous than this.

Obama and his stupid stupid administration people are proposing that federal contractors hire a MINIMUM NUMBER of disabled workers, and if they don’t, they may get their contracts revoked.

Let me just frame this up for you.

There are around 200k companies who have federal government contracts. With this stupid new proposal, these companies would be “asked” to ensure that their workforce was made up of 7% disabled people. The DOL is saying this isn’t REQUIRED, per se, but if they DON’T hit that 7% target, they might just get their contracts canceled and will lose their eligibility to get new ones.

So basically they’re required. You know, kinda like we’ll all be required to buy health insurance.

The government wasn’t content to force employers to deal with affirmative action compliance with respect to minorities. Nope. Now, regardless of how many disabled people there might BE in existence to fill certain positions, employers will be required to find them and hire them, if they want to keep their contracts. And here’s the kicker: In order to comply with THIS stupid rule, they will have to BREAK the government’s rule which prohibits them from asking whether or not a job applicant is, in fact, disabled.

THIS IS THE LEVEL OF STUPIDITY WE ARE DEALING WITH. They are now making up rules which force people to break rules they made up earlier.

I think it goes without saying, for those of you who know me, that I am ALL ABOUT disabled people being treated fairly and having opportunities to lead fulfilling and productive lives. But requiring a quota? That is just flat wrong.

The DOL says that a bunch of disabled people are out of work, and so that is why they need to take this action. To which I would like to point out, “Hey DORKBUCKETS! Have you noticed that there are NO FREAKING JOBS FOR ANYONE right now?” But nooooooo. A director at the DOL, Patricia Shiu, says, “What gets measured gets done. And we’re in the business of getting things done.”

That could be the most hilarious quote from a GOVERNMENT AGENCY EVER. They are the primary reason employers can’t get things done.

This whole thing is so completely stupid, but I suppose the bright side is that since the government is pretty much allowing every ailment known to mankind to be considered a “disability” these days, including asthma or depression, perhaps it won’t be that hard to meet the quota after all. I have asthma AND am struggling with depression over what a miserable failure this administration is, so I am DOUBLY DISABLED, as it turns out.



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