The Twilight Zone episode “The Shelter” (old school legendary black and white classic episode that I absolutely LOVE)

Updated 2/26/2012 2:07 pm @ Union City, California – Earlier today I shared a cold war missile silo based home for sale.  It reminded me a lot of the old school episode from The Twilight Zone.  I watched that episode probably in high school or so I don’t remember exactly.  I only saw it once but it left a major impression in my brain.

I just searched for it on youtube and I’m so happy to find it available online!  I downloaded it just in case they remove it in the future heheh.  The version I saw was the black and white.  They also did a remake of it later on…  I’ve included the color episodes as well and I have not seen it yet but I’d be willing to be the black and white version is better and more period correct as well!!  Enjoy.  That Mr. Rod Sterling is a man of genius I tell you.




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