i’m so stubborn i turn away money… lol.

Updated 3/5/2012 5:52 pm @ N1 Concepts, Hayward, California – wtf.  My dad called me on skype and started bitching.  Somebody told them I was bragging about how rich I am.  Me?  Rich?  If you call 6 figure debt rich, then I guess I am!  Either the snitch can’t comprehend English, or maybe it was lost in translation somewhere…  btw, a big FUCK YOU to who ever the messenger was.  fucking instigator.

Updated 2/26/2012 8:02 pm @ Union City, California – it’s ranting time!!  money ain’t a thing…  it is just a tool in modern society.  have a little, have a lot.  it really doesn’t mean a whole lot on a fundamental level.  – Frank M. Lin

haha, am i crazy or what? i need $$ to fund my business ventures so naturally one would start with family and then maybe friends.  ever since i returned to California last year 11/18/2011 i’ve been working really hard on multiple projects.  eventually i decided to embark on couple of real business ventures.  no more micky mouse stuff like i have done in the past.

so i approached my parents about a loan for my business ventures.  but my mom talks silly shit.  she was trying to convince me that i shouldn’t do business and if she give me the money it would be a complete waste.  that made me pretty angry so i said to her in a stern voice and i absolutely mean it – “LISTEN TO ME, I DON’T WANT YOUR MONEY”, and i hung up. that was yesterday. just now my pops called me, wanting to know the in’s and out’s of my investment. i said, you are investing in ME. if you trust me, then just give me the money and don’t ask any questions. he tries to micromanage and asking a bunch of questions and shit and i’m like, dad, i have nothing to say to you. i don’t want to talk to about this any more. we hang up. lol. i’m so damn stubborn i won’t compromise to get money… but i honestly believe i will find the $$$ from some where. 🙂 i’ll manifest it if i have to. muuahahahahha….

honestly it’s not even that much money…  i really don’t understand how irrational they are.  i mean i understand they are frugal (not a bad thing) due to their harsh childhood where they really didn’t have a whole lot.  but they are not always frugal.  there are many instances where they will spend money with out consideration.  for example, my mom is so fearful of death (she’s fighting lung cancer still) that she will drop several thousand bucks on buying some bullshit “health food”.  i did the research on the product and i told her it’s all gimmick and just clever marketing.  she still bought it anyways.  another example is my dad, he is so fucking cheap that he used to argue with bums that come inside our liquor store asking for a free book of matches.  our cost on a book of matches is literally less than ONE PENNY.  but he will get very angry and not give these bums a book of matches on the principle of NO FREE STUFF.  i fucking don’t get it…  why get so angry over a penny?  so here he is, a penny saver, but when it came to buy the property of his childhood dream – he always wanted a house looking at the ocean.  he kept on bettering his offer before the owner even made a counter offer.  he was so scared that someone else might bid for this house.  when in reality the house was already on the market for over a year and he really could’ve got it for a low price if he would be patient.

i might not have had a regular 9-5 for a while but i’m always working on something and learning and improving myself.  in 2007 *I* was the person that sign the fat rental lease contract.  at our post office property which has been on a long term lease…  it is done with 5 year terms.  i fucking DOUBLED it.  their income from this property alone, is higher than the amount of money i want to use.

i don’t know if i should be sad or angry…  don’t get me wrong i appreciate my parents for everything they have done for me.  but they have so little faith in me and in themselves…  such is life.  they act like i’m trying to get a million dollar from them or something.  lets say the worst happens and i completely fail at the business and this investment becomes a total loss.  i’m their son.  don’t i deserve to have a shot at this?  obviously money is more important to them than my feelings.

off a tangent.  i think i will be a good person to serve the people in the future.  because i can not be bought!!  🙂  maybe some day…  if my services are needed i will do it.  i want to change the world.  for the better.

ps, just have to throw this image in:


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