My thoughts on Jeremy Lin. He’s living the dream of so many. Not just Asians!! Lot of videos with my commentary after!

He is a big time Christian and he isn’t shy about it.  That’s cool in my book despite my general stance on religion.  Hmm that’s the first time I heard the song and the beats and lyrics are both excellent.  I’d jam it all day.  Good job MC JIN.  A lot of people will say he is a humble guy and all, but I will add Jeremy must have a pretty good sized ego because you need supreme confidence to play at the elite NBA level.  But he does it for God’s glory and all so he’s certainly humble in front of the almighty.  He is a very likable guy though.  More props to him.

Wow, against the Lakers, he was on fire from the get go!  Look at him stroking it big time and almost all the shots are nothing but bottom of the net.  You talk about playing with great ease and comfort those shot releases look fantastic!!  His performance in the first half of Q1 is just jaw dropping.  I’m pretty sure the entire Laker organization was like who the hell is this Lin!!  Very much like how Jeremy did up John Wall in the Summer League in 2010.  LOL.

Here you go, blast from the no so distance past.  That was just 1.5 years ago in 2010.  Listen to the commentary!!  The commentators LOVED HIM already and already saw his potential.  It was the NBA coaches that still wasn’t sure yet…

Here is a high light film of him in 2010-2011 season with Golden State Warriors, his home town team.  Unfortunately Warriors was not a good fit for Lin because they already have two shooting guards at Mont Ellis and Stephen Curry.  Lin is a better point guard than both but was still unproven in 2010-2011.  With Ellis and Curry already taking up a lot of playing time Lin didn’t get a chance to develop at Warriors.  He also didn’t do as well as he should/could have for various reasons and I won’t bother to elaborate, but in short, he just wasn’t a great fit into Warriors and it wasn’t meant to be.  But you still saw glimpses of his ability when he led the league in STEALS per minute and BLOCKS per minute (for point guards).

Here is a better video showing off his 2010-2011 high lights as a Warrior.  Well done!

WOW, I just saw this 4th quarter a minute ago.  HOW INSANE!!!!  I LOVE IT.  You can see how quickly his entire New York Knicks teammates have bonded and trusted him!  He is getting so much love from the team.  Look at the end they slow it down and gave him command and he took the biggest shot of his career yet!  Drained a rainbow 3 pointer FTW!  AWESOME!

Top 10 Jeremy Lin highlights from ESPN.

Top 10 Jerem Lin highlights from and it’s a pretty good top 10 for Jeremy Lin. You can clearly see he is not elite level athletically. He doesn’t break fools down. He just plays really smart and control the pace. He keeps the dribble alive enough to force the defensive to fall a step behind, then he uses his body and arms to get the shot that he wants. With out being too cocky I will say I can and I actually do all the things that he does. I’ve been doing it longer because I’m 38 already. LOL. The biggest difference is having team mates that trust and hustle hard with me. Every where I play I’ve been underestimated by a great deal. This applies to everywhere in California, and in Taiwan too… out of the top top only two I can’t do, the dunk, and also I don’t have have long range (my college high school 3 pts range is not even good). How ever I do have a killer accuracy from about 2 foot inside the 3 pts arc and in. Man I miss balling… where will I find the kick ass team mates?!?! Who wants to ball with me? Heh. I’ve been going all over California and schooling unsuspecting brothers since about 2000 (that’s when I got really confident in my game, which slowly improved over time…). Anyhoo…

Okay that’s enough video for now.  🙂  Some of nick names and sayings for Jeremy that I like so far:

Super Lintendo

Legend In New York

LINfinity (to Linfinity and beyond!  lol)



” “When you go Yellow,Who needs Carmelo!” lol!!

Watch The Jeremy Lin Phenomenon on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Jeremy is getting so much press and so much buzz it has got to be a world record of some sort.  He is the biggest story in organised pro sport in a long long time.  Breaking so many barriers and stereotypes not just for Asians but for all minorities too.  This is fantastic!  I love PBS NewsHour so I’m glad they picked up on the story!

I’ve selected a few related articles as well.  Jeremy Lin is here to stay and he is a legend in the making.  How fortunately it is for him and it is well deserved.  🙂  Can I do the same in road racing?  I hope so.  Soon it will be my time to shine…

In closing I know some people say Lin hasn’t been fully tested yet.  They say now the defensive coach will make it harder and harder for Lin to compete.  I beg to different.  You must not understand the game of basketball.  Yes I know lot of people like to say offense sells tickets and defense wins the games.

I don’t buy that at all.  Of course I value defense but by design, the game favors offense!  Time and time again Lin (and lot of other PG’s) demonstrate the importance of keeping the ball alive.  Continue to do that and add lot of team work such as moving with out the ball, pick and roll, pick and pop, screens… etc.  Your weapons is virtually unlimited.  Jeremy Lin landed in NY Knicks at the right time and everything was perfect for him to explode into the scene like this.  You can see he has the fully support of the team mates and lot of people already talk about how Knicks have quickly turn into Lin’s team.  Even in the super stars of Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony.  Lin blends in extremely well.  I think the trust of the team mates and a little bit of New York bad ass attitude are also key to Lin’s breakout success.

I don’t know if anyone else has talked about this but team chemistry is absolutely key to Lin’s success!!  You can’t just slap him into any team and expect him to perform at this level.  He will still be good, but just not this amazing.  He’s got a lot of help from his team mates and coaches that’s for sure.

My previous favor team to watch has been Oklahoma City Thunder in the last 3 years but I think it just might have to be New York Knocks from now on.  🙂


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