Conversations with some Skunk2 supporters…

Updated 3/1/2014 3:44 pm @ Taipei, Taiwan – I just wanted to add that Tony Shagday also left Skunk2 sometimes in 2013 I believe.  I do not know the reason except Tony has moved back to San Francisco Bay Area.

Updated 2/10/2012 4:52 am – I think this will be my final posting on the Skunk2 subject unless I receive more important details pertaining to Skunk2/Dave Hsu.  I’m really busy with lot of projects and this whole thing is hardly taking up much of my time.  From the news first broke about the bounty hunt until now.  I probably have total of less than 24 hours into it.  All I wanted to do is get the truth out there.  And tell the facts as I, and the people that have first hand experiences have said.

This includes reading most of the threads about it on, and researching and writing the few blog entries I have here.  Honestly I could careless if Skunk2 succeed or fails.  I have nothing to do with Skunk2/Dave Hsu since end of 2003.  Zero transactions of any sort.  I think in the article Why Dave Hsu’s character matter so much in regards to the bounty hunt offer (a genius sent me this, and it is PERFECT!) Dave Hsu was analysed in details and enough evidence was already presented to support that.  There are hundreds of stores that can be told to support the claim further but that would be getting pretty petty.  If you guys ever run into any  ex-Skunk2 employee that have first hand experience with Dave Hsu, feel free to ask them about their experience.  I think you will find what we’ve said to be true…

The best thing that could happen to Skunk2 and the customer would be for them to take customer service, sales marketing, and quality control seriously.  Skunk2 have a lot of resources and if they really want to, they might actually be able to turn this all around.  If they take care of QC, and start utilize all their R&D resources properly, and put people that actually care about the customers in charge, then it will be a win-win situation for all (except maybe to Skunk2’s direct competitors).  In any case, competition breeds success and excellence.  So in the end, after all the dirty laundry is aired, I hope this all move forward for the better for everyone.

There are a lot of market bullshit tactics out there and it does not only apply to Skunk2.  Many other manufacturers are guilty of padding up dyno results to make their products look better than the competitor.  Take any sales and marketing materials with a grain of salt.  Take any PR statements with a grain of salt.  Society don’t usually like to know the truth…  until the really nasty stuff all come out.  There I think that’s about all I have say on this subject.  Stepping off the soapbox now.

Updated 2/8/2012 1:30 am – Here is a screen shot of the conversations with couple of Skunk2 supporters.  Tony is the general manager at Skunk2, and Alex is one of their Elite Team Members.  As you can see I’m just chatting in a as-matter-of-fact way…  like I’ve said else where, I have no personal agenda with Skunk2/Dave Hsu except to try to speak the truth about it and sharing my opinions about this Skunk2 debacle which was started by Skunk2 itself anyway…


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