Why Dave Hsu’s character matter so much in regards to the bounty hunt offer (a genius sent me this, and it is PERFECT!)

Updated 2/27/2012 12:01 am – created a facebook cause page to gather data…  see: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Boycott-Skunk2Dave-Hsu-for-their-lame-e-thug-tactics/245595102196279

Updated 2/8/2012 11:59 am – I think I need to give a little bit more back ground on a few things so readers can better understand.  There is a lot to digest and I think some might think I have personal agenda against Skunk2.  I really have no malice towards them except I want to set the record straight.  Lot of these information have never before been heard or talked about in the public.

I got this from a little bird yesterday…  and I don’t think anybody could have said it better.  This genius is far more eloquent than I am and I don’t think anybody else could have sum it up any better…  I need to paraphrase it in order to protect the innocent.

Lot of true industrial insiders and OG level people from back in the days have contact me privately.  Lot of them thought I was behind all of this.  I certainly did not start all of this!!

This was all started by Skunk2.com’s initial bounty hunt call which occured on the morning of 2/2/2012, followed up by signalpuke’s own defense (first posted in the evening of 2/2/2012) which quoted my “About G.SPEED” page.  I then subsequently, have been blogging and following up on couple of forums about this.  My first blog about this was not until 2/3/2012 10:55 pm in the entry called “It less than 24 hours… this pictures says it all. I think it’s pretty much an EPIC FAIL on skunk2.com’s silly bounty hunt effort… 🙂“…

Now that we got that out of the way.  This is what the little bird basically said:

Little bird said all the little background stories I have share about my past experience with Dave Hsu was interesting, however I missed one main point of relevancy.  That is, for the people that do not know Dave Hsu they might confuse him as a “good buy”.  But he is most definitely not.  There are lot of good people who are working for him both in the present, and also through out Skunk2’s history.  Majority of them were all excellent.  But Dave Hsu he himself HAS NO INTEGRITY AT ALL.  His sociopathic behavior means he will do anything in a two faced way just to get to what he wants.  What he really was/is like was if there’s anything he need from you, then he will act all nice and be your buddy buddy.  But if you have no value to him, he will treat you like shit and make you feel worthless.  Time and time again I’ve seen this behavior.  Dude seriously have no soul, no passion.  It’s been all about money for him…  and fame/popularity perhaps.  This paragraph is mainly from the little bird.  What is below contains a little bit from the little bird, and other people, and some are observations by me.

It is this very attitude and behavior in life that results him in having no real friends.  Here is another tid bit.  There is a guy name Matthew Mar.  He was a partner in Group-A Autosports from 1995-2000? (ish).  The exact dates are unknown to me.  But I do know this much.  Matt was supposley Dave’s best friend from college.  I don’t know if they were 50/50 or what, but what was certain was that Matt had a sizable stake in Group-A Autosports.  There were a few years Group-A had total dominance on the Honda aftermarket.  They were selling tons of slip fit coilovers, tons of camshafts, and tons of intake manifolds.  Thousnds and thousands…  and with pretty much zero competition at the time, they racked in millions of dollars.  Basically the way Dave Hsu is, he honestly believe he was the only player needed at Group-A and he made it all work.  Matt Mar was bought out, or kicked out of Group-A if you will when Dave saw how much money he can make and he was not willing to share the wealth with his best friend from college.  That is my interpretation of it…  maybe some day I will find Matt and interview him.

So, in a nut shell, Dave’s best friend from college who co-founded Group-A with Dave Hsu was no longer with Group-A as soon after they achieved the first taste of fame and fortune.  What do the readers think about that?!  This is but just one story.

From Group-A Autosports’s inception until right now.  There has been a lot of talented guys that worked there.  This includes many operations guys that keeps the shipments humming, several mechanics, engineers, and lets not forget sales and marketing.  All of these good people arguably have contributed and gotten Dave Hsu/Group-A to where he/Group-A is at today.  But at every point along the way, Dave Hsu would skimp and screw you out of money if there’s anyway he possibly could because he just cares about money – he actually thinks it’s being a shrewd business person, and some might even argue it is just him being “Chinese”.  But whatever it is, it’s really just sad.  So if anybody reading this really knew the guy, you would not be feeling sorry for the condition in which Skunk2 is in because it is inevitable.

The more Dave Hsu is involved in the what Skunk2 is and stands for – the stuff that the customer are asking about –  caring for the end users with customer service, watching your back by making sure your product isn’t defective, or simply trying to put the best product on the market….  Dave Hsu is none of these because he has no interest in being this person.  He is not driven by passion.  He does not care about racing, not from the heart.

So what you end wind up with right now that is plastered all over the Internet is the real deal Skunk2 user experience which is actually the true reflection of Dave’s pathetic attempt to be “cool”.   Hence, the reason for all the videos about himself…  trying to act gangster and legit when he is a super white washed Taiwanese Amerian guy who grew up in San Luis Opispo…  Dave Hsu has no apprecation of his Taiwanese roots and he does not understand Taiwanese culture at all.  Which would not surprised me why none of the Taiwanese factories will back him up…  when shit really hits the fan.

Come to think of it, I was surprised…  (to be continued)


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