Retrospective: Skunk2’s trying to claim racing history but here’s the REAL DEAL (must read for Honda drag racing fans)

Updated 2/8/2012 1:30 am – Added a screen shot of the conversations with couple of Skunk2 supporters.  Tony is the general manager at Skunk2, and Alex is one of their Elite Team Members.

Updated 2/7/2012 6:38 am – added “Final thoughts” near the bottom…

Updated 2/7/2012 5:36 am – I just noticed some grammar errors in the questions to Dave but it was already submitted and too late to correct so I’ll just leave them as is.  The readers should understand what I was getting at anyway…

Updated 2/7/2012 4:57 am – In some ways I’m sick and tires of the way Skunk2 tries to market and paint their imagine…  Majority of it are all true, but they left out the real details.  So here are my own “hard hitting” questions for Dave Hsu.  Lets see if he will approval the comments this time around.

My first set of questions to Dave in response to this video:

“Again, how about some credits where credit is due?  Who was the cheif mechanic for Group-A Autosports from 1995-~2000?  I don’t know if anybody in modern day know who Mr. Wee Doan is/was.  But he was the mechanic at Group-A during that time.  I don’t remember if Wee had any time working together with Omniman overlapping their times at Group-A.  I seem to recall Wee was still with Group-A when the Integra first ran 12’s…  Does anybody remember the first all motor Honda into the 12’s?  It was Ramanan Thiagarajah @ 1/97 60’s? Sears Point (SPIR), Sonoma, California.  Now that’s some history.  Of course, it was Group-A that was first into the 11’s, and first into the 10’s.  But guess what, what should have MAJOR CREDIT to OMNIMAN.  To the readers that want some old drag racing history, see my old drag registry in the time machine at:” – my questions which I submitted. Earlier today.

I clearly remember when I told Dave Hsu Ramanan just ran 12.89 @ 103.20 mph he refuses to believe it and called Ramanan a cheater and that he must’ve used NOS.  Dave was just a sore loser because Ramanan was the world’s first all motor 12 second Civic.  Of course Group-A/Skunk2 later on dominated the all motor scene for long time.  I’m not disputing all of that.  I’m just saying proper credit needs to be given…  With out OmaniMan, Skunk2 would not have been that successful during 1999-2003.

Here is a old write up on Ramanan Thiagarajah’s about ‘s all motor Civic:

My second set of questions to Dave in response to this video:

“You going to give Dave?  Who was your chief mechanic in 1999-2003?  Who built this 200+ whp B16A?  It was my good friend Steve R. better known as OmniMan.  I had a little tiny contribution in this too, as the vcar ran my DC Sports 4-2-1 ceramic header.  The “skunk chip” was the Mugen Group-A chips, and who gave you those?  Mr. San from BuddyClub.   he hooked you up with lot of Mugen stuff and that connection was owed to James from Z.SPEED.  One top of all of this, it was Roger Foo’s awesome qualifying effort and driving that made this HUGE GRASSROOTS effort possible.  Did you even sponsor Roger any physical dollar for this race weekend?  Or was it just the engine build?  Did Roger have to pay anything?” – my questions which I submitted. Earlier today.

Final thoughts on this blog:  Okay, I can already imagine some of you might say what does this have to do with the bounty hunt thread…  here I’m exposing their marketing tactics.  Dave Hsu’s perspective on life and relationships (he does not know how to have proper relationship with people because he is so calculating, and as someone has said to me, Dave is a sociopath) has everything to do with how Skunk2 company is ran, and the direction it is going.

In the two examples above, he really did not give enough credit to the people that actually made it happen.  To the casual viewer it seem like it was all Skunk2, the “company” only.  I’m just trying to give proper credit to the folks that did all the grunt work.


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