Wise words about mom. 人生智慧 – 媽媽

Updated 5/1/2012 12:50 am @ Union City – This blog entry has been getting steady amount of hits lately!  Mother’s day is in May for majority of the countries that’s why!  I re-worded few of the translations and fixed couple of typo errors.

Updated 1/26/2012 9:32 am – I got this from one of my baby chick friends.  Honestly I’m a little surprised a little girl shared this.  Bravo to her.  🙂  I think the age where you feel that way about your mom will be different for everyone depending on your life experiences but the general idea is true.

I actually have an love/hate relationship with my mom but all in all I’m absolutely glad she’s my mom and I wouldn’t change my life one bit.

I just wanted to take this moment and give two big thumbs up to all the mothers out there.  Not just birth moms but to all grand parents, or even dad’s or anybody that’s had to perform “mom” duties in raising the young.  You are what makes this world wonderful. 🙂  Cheers.

Origin: the Chinese version can be found online and goes around a bit but no credit were given. Chinese to English translation by Frank M. Lin https://ghettoracer.wordpress.com

人生智慧 Wisdom of Life

‎3歲時說“媽咪,我愛你”。 At age 3 we say, “Mommy, I love you”.

10歲時說“媽,隨便啦”。  At age 10 we say, “Whatever, mom”.

15歲時說“我媽真的很煩”。 At age 16 we say, “My mom is so annoying”.

18歲時說“想要離開這個家”。  At age 18 we say, “I can’t wait to move out”.

30 歲時說“媽,你當時是對的”。  At age 25 we say, “Mom, you were right back then”.

35歲“我想要去我媽家”。  At age 30 we say, “I want to go to my mom’s house”.

50歲“我不想要失去我媽”。  At age 50 we say, “I don’t want to lose my mom”.

70歲“只要我媽還能在這,我願意為了我媽放棄一切”。  At age 70 we say, “I’d give up anything to have my mom around again”.

你只有一個媽媽,如果你感激她,愛她請按分享.  If you appreciate your mom, feel free to share.


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