Video: Indian Talent Show – Warriors of Goja (this is kinda what 2012 is all about)

Updated 1/25/2012 6:51 am – Okay, one of my adorable baby chick friend that’s into dancing posted this.  This is truly an epic OMG WTF video.  I’m sure we’ve seen fantastic martial arts demonstrations before but never presented like this.  I just love how skilled these Goja Warriors are they are really something special.  Fully choreographed and have to be in sync with music which I think presents major challenges for them.  Lot of these “hard body” type of martial arts require precision breath control and these are must have been training for countless hours!!

The reason I mention 2012 in the title is because I feel videos like these demonstrate the vast potential of human development.  And I bet there are just more amazing video footage getting revealed through out 2012.  This is amazing times.


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