repost: 中國的二個爛女人 couple of ugly bitches from China… (it pisses me off that in China, people are still afraid to speak up for the weak)

Updated 1/24/2012 2:48 am – There are billions of people in China and there are all kinds of people there.  You will find the good, the bad, the ugly, and the this is an example of evil ugly bitches from there.  I have no bias against China or any country.  I judge people individually based on their actions and words.  So don’t get twisted I’m not hating on mainland people, just the fucked up people of the world!

Stories like these make me really angry and I wish I was there. I’d bitch slap these two ignorant compassion-less asshole’s or at the very least, roast their dumb bitch asses verbally and make them look dumb and feel stupid.

I saw this on someone’s wall and just thought I blog about it…  I don’t know when this occurred originally.  I don’t know if the woman have been identified.

One look at the photo I can tell the older woman is probably the mom and the younger one the daughter and the mom is probably from a fast rising middle class that suddenly find themselves with tons of money in the last 10-15 years.  Because the wealth discrepancy in China is so big it is common to find lot of poor and often elder people (both men and women) in each city.  It is a sad sight…  I feel for them every time I see them.  It always make me feel so blessed in my life.  I’m not rich but I’ve never ever been short of anything in my life.

The old gentleman makes a living by collecting materials (usually from garbage piles) to recycle.  Some how he accidentally slashed a young woman’s (probably the daughter) jeans.  The woman demanded 50 RMB (only about 8 US$) to settle but the old man pulled out everything he had in his pocket and only had 8 RMB and 4 cents.

When the reporter arrived at the scene which was in front of a high education publishing company he found the middle age woman pushing the poorly dressed old man around and yelling loudly “hurry and pay up”.  There were hundreds of by standards looking.

Next to the middle age woman was a younger late teens or early 20’s young girl.  Her blue jeans had a small 2-3 cm cut.  The old man was crying and sobbing and was begging for forgiveness.  He held all the money he had which were 8.04 RMB (just over $1 US).

The crowds were saying it’s only a small cut, why making a big deal just let it go.  The crowd that watched the old man who was down on his knees and were trying to tell the two woman to forgive him.  Against the urges of the crowd, the middle age woman didn’t budge at all and insisted that the old man pay in full.

Face against the “huge sum” that was impossible for the old man to come up with, he got down on his knees.  Apparently, earlier when the mother/daughter walked to the corner near the publishing company, the old man was riding his tricycle packed with recycling materials and making a turn int he corner.  There were some metal wires on the tricycle and it made a cut on the young lady’s jeans.  The mom asked for 50 RMB payment and the old man isn’t able to so he got down on his knees 10 times to beg.

This infuriated the crowd.  There was a local security guard near by name Mr. Wu and he said angrily “This is no way to treat an elderly.  These two woman are going way too far over a little accident.”  After he said that, he gave 23 RMB he had in his pocket to the old man.

When the reporter tried to interview the ladies, the middle age woman told his daughter to ignore her.

The crowd was collecting money for the old man to pay for the damage but was still short of the full 50 RMB that she was asking for.  Middle age woman dialed 110 for police.  Around 5:50 pm the police arrived to mediate.  But the middle aged woman refused because it wasn’t her asking amount.  By then, the crowd all chipped in, 1 RMB, 2 RMB, 10 RMB, finally the full 50 RMB was collected.

The old man got on his knee to the crowd and kept on saying “Thank you, thank you”.  The middle age woman got the money, grabbed his daughter and left with out saying anything.

When the crowd expressed it was so unfair for the old man to pay 50 RMB, the police expressed their frustration and said this was a civil dispute and they really could not do anything but act as  mediator.

We are all humans, why are we destroying another men’s dignity over such trivial things?

Please share this everywhere and let the story be told.


















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2 Responses to repost: 中國的二個爛女人 couple of ugly bitches from China… (it pisses me off that in China, people are still afraid to speak up for the weak)

  1. Yuliem D says:

    That is ridiculous, shame on people like that.

  2. laosfu says:

    Wow, thats just wrong.

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