Ending 2011 with a minor hiccup but, I’m still grateful… 2012 will be sweet.

Update: 1/1/2012 9:55 am

Hot Box Yoga | Hayward, CA

Location: Hot Box Yoga Studio in Hayward, California
Time: 12/31/2011 9:05 am

*sigh* I arrived about 5 minutes late this morning to Mr. McMaster’s class… the class was wonderful. However, after class I drive to South San Francisco to have lunch with my friends.  It was about 11:20 am when I reached into my pockets and realized that someone had stole my wallet and my cash from my pants at the yoga studio.  I had left the pants down stairs at the changing room along with my t shirt, fleece, jacket, and shoes.

I had about US$150 in cash in my right pocket, and another $200 in Taiwan dollar and Japanese yen inside my wallet on my left pocket…  Good thing I didn’t have any Credit Card in there.  The wallet is not expensive just some generic cheap $25 leather piece I bought earlier this year in Taiwan.  Other than my California ID (with out dated address), I had couple of business cards, and some Taiwan ID as well (useless here).  The keys to my car and my new $200 Canon digital camera was also in my jacket but luckily the thief didn’t take them.

On the bright side, I figure somebody probably really needed the money and I’m not hurting for money.  So I actually don’t feel too bad about this. I should have known better than to bring valuables and leave it down stairs.  In fact, right before I left the house I was thinking I should just leave the cash and wallet at home.  But because I was heading to the city immediately after yoga class I still brought them.

So as a reminder to rest of the students at Hot Box Yoga studio, don’t bring any money there. This is the first time I have lost something at any studio. Kind of a shame… but I’m still grateful for this studio. I’ve only been here twice and I really like it a lot! So I will still be coming back. 🙂 Cheers, have a good new years every one.

Ever since I came back to USA on 11/18/2011 every thing has been on the up ward swing.  Every day there was some thing wonderful happening.  Be it meeting interesting new people, or seeing old friends.  Yelling with parents but making communication progress.  Amazing moments with my sister’s new born boy.  Exploring glimpses of beautiful Chicago.  Driving the timeless 20 year old NSX and drawing lot of attention everywhere we roll.  Causing havoc on rrax and making my present felt within 24 hours.  Incredibly yummy food both at home cooking and dining out almost on a daily basis.  Business developments looking bright for 2012.  Directions for racing becoming more clear.  Project cars rolling in parallel.  New ideas about 2012 popping up almost daily and all in synergy.  Met a human rights activist that I look up.  Met an ultra balling couple that retired from first round of dot com boom (1999) and met their wonderful kids (two girls age 11 and 5, almost identical to my brother’s kids also 11 and 6).  It just goes on and on…  and losing this money and wallet is the only minor hiccup to round up the year.

So I absolutely have everything to be grateful and thankful for.  Feeling stupendous and rolling easily into 2012!!


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racer, driver coach, taoist, yogi, dreamweaver, bballer, rebel, philosopher, entrepreneur, kiva, lonewolf, vagabond, photo/video shooter, storyteller
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