Repost/PSA: Canadian Joey Basha reported missing in Hong Kong (But why is my gut feeling this is a prank?!)

Updated 1/1/2012 5:20 am – Wow, very interesting.  I just searched for Joey Basha’s update and he is found dead.  However, no foul play is suspected.  This is interesting, if you read my comment directly below, it turns out that I was in fact wrong.  I stated that I felt Joey was okay.  No that I thought about it, perhaps the reason was actually I felt that no one had intentions to harm Joey, and Joey wasn’t threatened by anyone.  That’s the logical explanation that I have.  In any case, it’s not like I’m claiming to be a psychic or anything.  This was just an impromptu test of my own intuition.  I’m glad that Joey’s death involved with no foul play.  RIP.  We will all see each other again some day anyway, death is part of life.  It is completely normal.  Please take the time to read this article:

Joey Basha sounds like my type of guy. Definitely a good fella.  I feel bad for his family and friends to have to lose someone so loved this early.  It is going to be a big void that can not be filled…  He was kind, caring, and most of all, a self proclaimed REBEL!!!  Once again, RIP BROTHER JOEY.

Updated 12/27/2011 5:40 am – Hmm, interesting I’m actually getting a few hits from ping-back so I guess I should write a small commentary about this.  First, thanks for surfing into my blog.  Feel free to read the small “about” the author page right below this article.  It has a little introduction about me and, I guess in a nut shell, I’m probably a nut job to most of you.  🙂

Anyway, I am into all sorts of things about human development so naturally I am interested in 6th sense, channeling, chi, prana, readings… and all kinds of things like that.  Now as I have researched, and as I have tested my intuitions in the past, I’ve verified that my intuition is actually quite good and it has been highly accurate in the few times that I’ve made predictions.  For example, my brother Johnny’s second kid, the ultra sound at one point said the baby was a boy, and my sister in law would’ve been devastated.  But my gut feeling was no way it’s a boy, it should be a girl.  Eventually, I was right.  But now we can argue that, the chances of it being a boy or a girl was 50/50.  Anyway, I just want to say that my feeling about this one is that Joey is okay.  And for his sake and his family’s sake, I hope that I’m right…  The only reason I’m blogging about this is I’m doing it as a public service announcement.  My readership is still pretty small but I like to share whatever I find worth sharing so…  that’s what my blog is about.  Anything, and everything that interests me.  🙂

– Frank M. Lin

Originally published on 12/26/2011 1:08 pm

Canadian Joey Basha reported missing in Hong Kong



Joey Basha
Joey Basha, 25, of St. John’s, N.L., has reportedly not been seen since Dec. 21. (Facebook/HO)

Joey Basha, of St. John’s, N.L., told his roommate he was going out to get some food around 2 a.m. on Dec. 21. No one is sure what has happened to him since.

“If he’s in any kind of state where he’s just wandering, you would think somebody would see that…” said his mother, Phyllis, by phone from the family home.

The 25-year-old has been in the Chinese city since 2008, when he went over as an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor. In September he began studying for a master’s degree in international affairs at the University of Hong Kong. He’s also the guitarist and singer in a band called Milkteeth.

On Monday, the band’s Facebook and Twitter pages read: “Joey’s been missing for almost a week now, so any info about Joey Basha let us know or share below… LET’S HOPE OUR FRIEND IS SAFE!!!”

A close friend, Stella Magalios, told QMI Agency Monday, “There have been some reports of people in the neighbourhood seeing him since he went missing, but nothing conclusive.”

Phyllis said the 7-11 sighting occurred on Dec. 22.

“The clerk remembered Joey well because he’s Caucasian … and the fact that he speaks Cantonese and spoke to her in that language.”

Phyllis told QMI Agency that Hong Kong police searched Basha’s home for clues. They found his passport, so they ruled out the possibility that he’d left the country. His computer also yielded no leads.

Some friends are circulating a poster describing him as five foot seven, about 130 lbs., with medium-length brown hair and light brown eyes. He was wearing a black jacket, a dark-coloured shirt and jeans at the time he disappeared.

“Nobody has any theory… mugging … kidnapping … we have no evidence to support any theory that we have,” Phyllis said.

Canada’s foreign affairs department is in regular contact with her.

“They’re telling us they did a radius search of hospitals and police stations, lock-ups and that sort of thing, and that it didn’t pan out, and that they plan to widen the search,” Phyllis said.

Basha’s oldest sister, Jacqueline, flew to Hong Kong Saturday from her home in New York.

His mom is staying in St. John’s, waiting by the phone for any information.

“It just seemed that 7-11 (sighting) was verified, and after that it’s a blank, you know?”


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