A little formal announcement. And a brief explanation on why my status is OG. Bonus: GhettoRacer Anthems!

So, often times in the past I have said I’m OG status. Why? I’ve been selling parts for Honda’s since 1995. If you ask anyone who’s OG in the Honda world, chances are they know who I am.  Simple as that.  This basically refers to everyone that used to be on SE-R list, HP-L, hybrids.jp forum… etc.  There are tons of people who originated from these above 3 places and are now all major players in the industry.

And unlike most people who tend to have a narrow view of racing, I keep an open mind and I appreciate all aspects of racing. I’ve done my research in drag racing, road racing, autocrossing. I’ve studied internal combustion engines in great detail (mainly thanks to Larry Widmer of ENDYN). I’ve been involved with manufacturing for over 7 years. I understand suspension technology and what is involved with car setups. I’ve also been actively honing my driving skills at the track since 1995. I have a huge passion for road racing and I’ve been instructing since 2000. I have tons and tons of tales that relates to the industry. Most haters simply can’t comprehend what I do and they can only hate.

Now that 2011 is winding down and 2012 is upon us, I’m finally about to get serious. With out revealing too much at once, I’d like to formally announce, I’M BACK!

Subscribe to my blog and I will take you for a ride in this journey… journey back to Land of Happy Motoring (which is the good old United States of America). 🙂

Here are few songs I listen to when I feel like I need to express myself about this second rise.

TI has sick lyrics.  One of rap’s finest IMO.


In search of victory she keeps eluding me

If only we could be together momentarily

We can make love and make history

Why won’t you visit me? until she visit me

I’ll be stuck with her sister her name is defeat

She gives me agony so much agony

She brings me so much pain so much misery

Like missing your last shot and falling to your knees

As the crowd screams for the other team

I practice so hard for this moment victory don’t leave

I know what this means I’m stuck in this routine

Whole new different day same old thing

All I got is dreams nobody else can see

Nobody else believes nobody else but me

Where are you victory? I need you desperately

Not just for the moment to make history

(Hey, hey, yeah) You’re gonna be a shining star (That’s right)

(Yeah, okay, yeah) With fancy clothes and fancy ca-ars (Hey, hey, hey, yeah)
(See, yeah) And then you’ll see, you’re gonna go far (Go, hey)
Cause everyone knows (They know), just who you a-are (Rihanna, let’s get it!)

(Ay!)So live your life, (Ay!, Ay ay ay)
You steady chasing that paper
(Ay!) Just live your life (Oh!, Ay ay ay)
Ain’t got no time for no haters (Ai’nt got time for ’em; Gram postal, homie)
Just live your life (Ay!, Ay ay ay)
No telling where it’ll take you
Just live your life (Oh!, ay ay ay) (Hey yo, We did it again, homie!)
‘Cause I’m a paper chaser (Throw your hands up)

Just livin’ my life (Ay!)
My life (Oh!)
My life (Ay!)
My life (Oh!) (Put your hands up!)
Just livin’ my life (Ay!)
My life (Oh!)
My life (Ay!)
My life (Oh!) (Let me see you put your hands up!)

Got everybody watching what I do 
Come walk in my shoes 
And see the way I’m livin’ if you really want to 
Got my mind on my money, and I’m not going away 

So keep on gettin’ ‘ya paper (Ah) 
And keep on climbin’ (Ah) 
Look in the mirror (Ah) 
And keep on shinin’ (Shinin’) 
‘Til the game end, 
‘Til the clock stop, 
We ‘gon post up on the top stop

[VERSE 1 – T.I.]

Hey, Never mind what haters say, ignore them ’til they fade away
Amazing they ungrateful for after all the game I gave away
Safe to say I paved the way, for you cats to get paid today
You’d still be wasting days away, now had I never saved the day

Consider them my protégé, homage I think they should pay
Instead of being gracious, they violate in a major way
I never been a hater, still I love them in a crazy way
Some say they so yay and no they couldn’t get work on Labor Day

It ain’t that black and white, it has an area that’s shaded gray
I’m west side anyway, even if I left today and stayed away
Some move away to make a way not move away cause they afraid
I brought back to the hood and all you ever did was take away

I’ll say this, I’ve always hated lil wayne.  He usually sounds retarded.  But I admit in his new albums there are few tracks that I dig big time.  Check these two below:

I tell her now gon’ pop that pussy for a real nigga
I already know that life is deep, but I still dig her
Niggas is jealous, but really I could care less
I’m in Hell’s Kitchen with an apron and a hairnet
Devil on my shoulder, the Lord as my witness
So on my Libra scale, I’m weighing sins and forgiveness
What goes around comes around like a hula hoop
Karma is a bitch? Well just make sure that bitch is beautiful
Life on the edge, I’m dangling my feet
I tried to pay attention but attention paid me
Haters can’t see me: nose-bleed seats
And today I went shopping and talk is still cheap
I rock to the beat of my drum set
I been at the top for a while and I ain’t jump yet
But I’m Ray Charles to the bullshit
Now jump up on that dick and do a full split!

I got ice in my veins
blood in my eye
hate in my heart
love in my mind
I seen nights full of pain
days of the same
you keep the sunshine
save me the rain
I search but never find
hurt but never cry
i work and forever try
but im cursed so never mine
and its worse but better times
seems further and beyond
the top gets higher the more that I climb
the spot gets smaller and I get bigger
trying to get in where I fit in
no room for a n-gga but soon for a n-gga it be on mutherf-cker cause
all this bullsh-t have made me strong, mutherf-cker


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racer, driver coach, taoist, yogi, dreamweaver, bballer, rebel, philosopher, entrepreneur, kiva, lonewolf, vagabond, photo/video shooter, storyteller
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