Retrospective – 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR @ DSPORT Evo Tuner Shootout

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR @ DSPORT Evo Tuner Shootout, 12/04/2004


A friend of mine who wishes to remain anonymous asked if I would drive his spanking new MR at the Evo Tuner Shootout(please check it for the tuner entry list).  This was sort of last minute during the mid-Nov. when I was asked.  I have been working over seas for most of this year from Jan. to Oct. and just came back to USA on Nov. 2nd.  Most of the other tuners have had lot of time to prepare for this shoot out as it was announced back in Sept.  The rules are pretty short, just three actually and they are:

  • Must have an Evo chassis

  • Must have a 4G63 engine

  • Must use street legal or R compound tires

With only about 1 week to prepare the car, we thought perhaps we’ll just run it completely stock and demonstrate what a stock MR can do.  That will be a good baseline.  However after a quick brain storm, I came up with the idea that this is actually a pretty good opportunity.  The Evo8 is a fantastic car completely bone stock.  It puts down impressive lap times at any road courses with zero modification.  The 2005 MR is an improvement upon a already near perfect car.  I’m sure the tuners are trying to show off their products and skills and make an all out effort.  Some of these entries will spare no expensive with big turbo’s, major weight reduction, big dollar suspensions, and huge wheels and giant tires.  Here, I see an opportunity by looking at tuning from a car owner’s angle.  As a true weekend open tracking enthusiast myself (my personal record is 98 days on track in a 365 day duration), I understand all about getting the bang for the buck.  So the modifications I’m choosing are carefully selected.  Obviously there are other good mods I would’ve performed but there isn’t enough time.

The Plan of Attack

The idea is simple, MR has several improvements from standard Evo8, mainly the 6 speed gear box, front LSD, and lighter (by 2.6 lbs) forged BBS wheels.  The shoot out is going to be at Streets of Willows at a very tight and technical track in the Southern California deserts.  The biggest improvement we can make on the car for a track like this is simply to get some racing brake pads, R compound tires and wider rims.  At the shoot out I will do sessions with the car completely stock, thus establishing a good baseline, and then put on these modifications to demonstrate how effective they are are reducing lap times.  Streets of Willows is a 1.8 mile road course that is very tight, and technical.  I’m very familiar with the track as I’ve spent many open track days here as well as driving for Nissan vs. Honda club battle in 2003  as well as the BFG G-Force challenge in 2001.

Lightweight Shoes – Volks Racing CE28N

After some research, I’ve concluded 17×9 et35 will fit no problem.  The wheel of choice will be Volks Racing CE28N 17×9 et35 in bronze from Ray’s Engineering.  I gave Ray’s USA importer Mackin Industires a call and was told to speak to Eddie Lee.  After a quick call to discuss my idea Eddie was very quick to agree and supplying us with these forged beauties.

It is a forged one piece aluminum wheel that weights a mere 1x.x lbs.  The stock rims on Evo8 are made by Enkei and they are cast  aluminum 17×8 and weights 20 lbs which isn’t too shabby.  The MR comes with BBS forged aluminum one piece wheels they are lighter at 17.5 lbs and also 17×8 in size.  CE28N we will have 1″ wider width and be x.x lbs lighter than regular Evo8 Enkei’s and x.x lbs lighter than BBS.  The extra width is very welcome to maximizing overall width and better sidewall support for the tires.

Gumballs – Toyo Proxes RA-1

The Evo8/MR comes with a high performance street tire already.  The Yokohama Advan A046 sized at 235/45/17.  This tire is very close to being a R compound tire and frankly it’s very hard find a better tire for street use.

We are allowed to use R compound tires for this shootout.  For attacking the Streets of Willows course, my chose will be the Toyo Proxes  RA1 DOT approved competition radials.  We will be running the 255/40/17 size tires.  It is wider and also about 3/10″ shorter in diameter than the stock 235/45/17.  The additional grip will be useful at the tight circuit.

Proxes RA-1 tires are the favorites of many weekend road course warriors because of their long service life, and the unique feature that they are actually faster as they wear down.  They are also known to be a excellent rain track tire when they are full thread unshaved.  I wanted to have them shaved to gain additional grip however it doesn’t look like there’s enough time to get that done.

Shootout Result

There were total of 15 entries and we placed 10th.  I was reasonably happy with the result.  It is too bad we could not have arranged for some brake pads on time.  We also should have done an alignment to try to max the negative camber on the stock suspension.  I had no doubt the car could’ve done a 1:28.x or maybe even better.  But the lap times we posted were not too shabby.  Anything below 1:30 mark is pretty quick for Streets of Willows.  Motor Trend October 2004 issue tested 2005 Evolution MR against 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STi and they also did lap times at Streets of Willows.  1:34.38 for MR and 1:35.37 for STi were their times respectively.  So we did full 5 seconds fasters with only rims and tire upgrade.

1 Robert Fuller 1:24.332 Buschur-RRE-Mullerized
2 Kent Jordan 1:25.200 Muellerized-RRE
3 Mark McComsey 1:25.210 EOC-Quantum Racing-Muellerized-RRE
4 Dieter Heinz-Kijjora 1:26.220 Group 5 Motorsports-Muellerized-RRE
5 Ricky Rogers 1:26.238
6 Emile Bouret 1:26.333 Sparco-Muellerized
7 Paul Lambert 1:26.391 ForcedFed
8 Robert Tallini 1:28.285 RRE
9 Lawrence Yip 1:28.410 A-Spec
10 Frank Lin 1:29.348 TOYO TIRES/VOLK RACING
11 Corey Taguchi 1:33.211 B&M Racing / Drift Speed
12 Peter Beck 1:33.278 Symbolic Motors
13 Abbas Nazari 1:33.737 Team D Motorsports
14 Sammy Alinaeem 1:36.428 Race Centric
15 Mohammad Abuqartuni 1:38.800 SuperStreet Cars


I feel that we accomplished our goals of demonstrating how capable the MR is with just upgraded wheels and tires and we definitely set the bench mark for everybody to compare to.  For that we got a special mention in the February 2005 issue of DSPORT magazine.  🙂


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