It’s Not About Money Son… Not At All.

Originally published 2/17/2011 4:46 am.  Revised and republished 12/15/2011 4:30 am.

Earlier this year in 2011 I met a girl through a mutual friend whom I will call Barbie.  Barbie is thirty something.  Slender, smart, beautiful, and best of all, independent.  So like, there’s this fool (her ex-boyfriend lets call him Ken, I guess he’s some fairly successful young trader under 30 and making decent amount of money right now.  By decent I mean the common standard, so since Ken is some sort of money trader and he is cocky has hell, I would imagine he makes at least $125,000 a year.

Ken seem pretty cool at first.  He is into martial arts, and fitness.  He is also into helping people.  He talked about how he was racking in huge profits, but he wasn’t doing it for himself.  He’s doing it for some kind of charity fund.  Hey that is all quite fantastic…

Ken and I only met once at CashBox karaoke for somebody’s birthday, then we added each other on facebook.  One day, Ken posted some stuff about President Ma of Taiwan to which I replied, I think Ma has weak characters and that I dislike him.  Ken got pretty pissed off because I have no respect for his idol.  But I have my reasons.  Ken took it really personal.  Shortly after this happened, I occasionally hang out with Barbie and couple other mutual friends.  Barbie had brought it up few times that how she would like to find a suitable husband and be married as soon as possible.  So, I asked her to describe her ideal boy friend to me, and I would keep a look out for her.  I have a lot of friends and maybe one of them can be a good batch to her.  The dude thought I was hitting on her…  I admit I think she is beautiful and sexy, however I have no desire for her in that way as there is no such kind of chemistry.  I was serious about trying to hook her up, play the match maker.

So, Ken got all crazy on facebook, and said first I dissed his idol, then I’m trying to steal his girlfriend, and that I’m an asshole for doing that.  I have dislike President Ma since like 20 years when I was a kid.  I didn’t diss Ma to miss him off.  And I certainly was not hitting on his ex girlfriend.  Now, even if I was trying to get it on with Barbie, that would be an “ex”, and not a current girlfriend…  it will be none of his damn business.  He was the one that left her, as far as I can tell.

Anyway, Ken started talking trash, and belittle me.  He talk about what a failure I am in life.  But his value is all jacked up… apparently he judge someone’s success entirely by how much money they make.  I laugh at how pitifully little his heart is.  And his attachment to money…   you have much to learn in this life.  So much more…

I have three of my good friends all _retired_ before they hit 30 and each one of them is humble.  Hell, even myself I was trading stocks worth just shy of 7 figures (almost hit 1 million, I was pretty close,, with in $100,000) during the first dot-com rise  in the 1999-2001 time period and I was not 30 yet back then.  Now that was some wild fun times.   But every stock was raising like crazy in those times. it was surviving the crash that separated the men from the boys.   Sadly no, I gave back all the money I made, and then some.  But no big deal – easy come, easy go.  It was a wonderful lesson in life.

Ken’s judgment call of me being a broke ass wannabe pro race car driver, that might be correct currently but I’m working hard and I’m taking it to the next level as we speak.  Many people are waiting for me to fail but I’m still on track to race at the pro level by the time I’m 40.  I’m only 38 after all and I can accomplish a lot in the next two years.  You wait and see who’ll get the last laugh…


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