Tell The World I’m Coming Home

updated 12/11/2011 1:05 pm – at first I was going to type up a fairly long story…  But screw that, I will just get to the important bits and move on.  I’m just glad I made it home!

I’ve been wanting to come home to California for about a year…  But the timing just wasn’t quite right.  I had been telling all my friends that “I will be home.  REALLY SOON NOW ™”.   LOL.  But weeks and weeks go by and still I was stuck in Taiwan.  As 2011 went on, I missed my sister’s wedding in California in May, and one of my best girl friend’s wedding in September as well.  But fortunately they both know I love them and missing their wedding will change nothing.  Both of them had their engagement wedding done in Taiwan so I did go to them both.  🙂  Towards September my obligations were wrapping up and I started to get ready to have a visit back to California.  First thing first, my Taiwan passport had expired so I had to apply for a new one.  I got that taken care of in late September.  Finally, everything came to fruition in November.

At last on November 18th, 2011 I finally made it home!!  California, my sweet home.  I’ve been gone for over 3.5+ years (40+ months) and I moved back to my birth place Taipei, Taiwan…  Although California isn’t my birthplace, I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and all my best friends are here.  I was shaped by the diverse culture here.  Taiwan is not a strange place for me.  It is also my home, but California is where my heart truly is.

This past two week has been the BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!!  This is all possible thanks to my family and friends.  I’M BACK!


About GhettoRacer

racer, driver coach, taoist, yogi, dreamweaver, bballer, rebel, philosopher, entrepreneur, kiva, lonewolf, vagabond, photo/video shooter, storyteller
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