Ohh NO’s!! RIP Mr. Ralph Alexander (Long Time NASA NorCal HPDE Leader)

Updated 12/9/2011 9:02am – I’m going to take a stroll down the memory lane and think about who really contributed to my skills during my early development years as a driver…  – Frank

Today, I just happen to see an update on Albert Butterfild’s facebook status where he said:

“Last update on my head injury..Doing great… back to work full time… got my DMV license back 30 days early… doctor told me I’m one hell of a lucky person.. in fact he said no words can describe how lucky you are…

I didn’t break my record of not driving in the 25hr that’s 9 in a row.. and there has been 9 25hr races… and in fact I have on a team for every year NASA has done December Enduro’s

Background, I was in the ICU 60 days ago and not knowing at that time I was fighting for my own life, and that my long time friend Ralph Alexander had passed away. My last talk with Ralph was about how we werer going to attack the 25hr again and what was the plan, Ralph and I go way back to the Bondurant days back in the 1980’s and raced as team mates as will as head to head… when I was in the ICU I told both the Doctors and Nurses I had to get better because I needed to take the Green Flag at the NASA 25hr race this year because of a great friend and team mate that had passed away… They told me at that time I would be lucky to be walking in 90 days and most likely not back to work in 6 months… (they must not have ever worked with a lifelong racer, 40 plus years now) well I was back to work part time, two days a week 3 weeks after leaving the ICU… I have done everything I could so I could take that green flag for our team and Ralph… I did take the green flag and drove the first stint for 35-40 min.. I was 4 tens off our last year’s times we wanted to run… sucks getting old… about 2 hrs into the race one of the drivers was getting sick from gas fumes in the car, the team asked if I could drive again.. I was only planning to take the green this year… so I was somewhat un-sure if I could… but I said I’ll give it a try… I went back in and drove the full stint for 1.5hrs… was 2 tens faster than last year’s times… not bad for a old man… we had only planned do to Ralphs passing to do the 6hrs of the race… we got 3rd in class, not bad for a team’s second try… I hope Ralph was looking down and said “well done boys, well done in deed….” that it for now… I added a few photos … this was for good luck… “

I was surprised to learn Ralph Alexander had passed away!!  This gave me some time to think and reflect on the some of the guys who helped and showed me the ropes early on around 1995-1999 where I did majority of my training under NASA NorCal banner.  to be continued…


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