GhettoRacer stumbles upon RWB Fatlace Pandora One @ FFTEC

December 1st, 2011 3 pm @ Hayward, California – My brother’s warehouse facility is actually right across from FFTEC which recently relocated to Hayman Street… last week I notice the green colored beauty and I strolled by to admire the car… I was able to have some quiet moments alone with this beauty. Enjoy.

I’ve always been a Porsche fan, since I was in high school.  I loved the Porsche 914, which inspired me to get my 1995 Honda del Sol VTEC.  Both car have similarity in the rear window area and the flat trunk…  My favorite RWB design will have to be their work on Porsche 993’s.  But this green Porsche 964 is very nicely done.  I saw on their web site the body kit are $18,000.  I hope that price includes installation by Mr. RWB himself.  🙂  Thanks to SpeedHunters RWB is the hottest little Porsche builder globally.  The accolades  are well deserved because Mr. Nakai’s creations are all stunning beasts!!  He is an artist.

Please excuse the mediocre video quality as it was taken with my ACER Liquid E Android…


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