Acer S100 Liquid E Update Dec. 2011 – Now Running Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) via. LiquidNext ROM 1.9.2!!

My Ace Liquid E crashed on Oct. 11th, 2011 – the internal ROM storage space was running low with only few KBytes left and I was being lazy and didn’t reboot because it was running stock Acer Android 2.2 (Froyo) un-rooted ROM so even just shutting down takes a bit of time.  After the crash it got stuck during boot up at the shiny Android splash screen and just loops there.

I had no choice but to reset to factory settings first (done by holding down volume + and – when Acer splash screen is shown when first powered up).  That worked fine and I lost my phone settings (phone numbers mainly, this time i’m saving to my google profile and have it on auto sync) but at least the rest of my stuff on the sd are all intact.

I started to research for how to root for my device.  There are like 2 years of stuff to wade through, and many hacks and ways to go about it but generally pain in the butt to do so.  In the end, I will save you the time.  If you are running stock Acer ROM (you should at least run the Acer Android 2.2 Froyo ROM), all you need is a program call z4root you can find it on the Android Market and it will root the Acer Liquid E easily.  Nothing to configure it works like magic.  Now you can remove the unwanted bloatwares.  I simply reset my Liquid, rooted with z4root and played around with it a bit.  But I decided to use this crash to go all out and find the best update I can install on the aging Liquid E.  After hours of searching it turns out are there are about a dozen of ROM images available for the Liquid.  Including several modified Android 2.2 Froyo variations.  I don’t feel like typing up and compare the differences.  After surfing along for a while I came across this series of videos by karl9652 on youtube.  This made me aware that it is possible to run Android 2.3+ on Liquid E!

I decided to go for the latest which is LiquidNext 1.9 ROM image which is Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread so here is what to do.

  1. Backup the stuff you really need.
  2. install Malez Recover 0.6.1 or later use it to wipe your phone and sd, partition it (i have 8gb sd so I used 128mb for swap, 1gb for sd-ext and rest as one.
  3. download Liquid Next 1.9.2 or later (1.9.2 fixed the Metal Camera, low sound recording volume, and couple other little bugs), put it on the root folder of you sd card, and use malez to install it.  reboot, and few minutes later, viola!

Congratulations, you are now running the latest and greatest Android 2.3.7+ Gingerbread that is highly optimized. For me, 100% of the hardware are fully functional! LN 1.9.2 incorporates CM7 mods (kernal optimization) includes overclocking. Now instead of stock 768mhz limitation I have performed AnTuTu Bench Mark 2.3.1 test at 998mhz, 1036mhz, 1075mhz and 1113mhz.  it did pass them.. However it seems to lock up randomly.  It’s been a week and I also tried 998mhz and 960 mhz but it seems to be the more stable at 921mhz.

LN1.9.2 also have a app2sd function call sdman, it will do that automagically requiring only a reboot.  Now I can practically install unlimited numbers of apps.

I’ve been using LiquidNext ROM for two months now and LN1.9.2 is faster and more efficient than the factory Acer ROM.  A user on MoDaCo reported his experience to get extended battery service life per charge: “I use undervolted kernel, with CPU at 883Mhz max / 128Mhz min, and governor SmartassV2… my phone now gets through 48 hours without recharging with normal use. It drains less than 1% per hour when in standby. Also check to see your energy management is set to use only Wifi OR 3G never both at once.”  I’ve been trying out the SMARTASSV2 governor setting and it seems to be at the least slightly better than ONDEMAND governor.

As of late 2011 this phone’s hardware is over two years old.  But with this update I think it will easily keep me happy for another year, maybe longer!!  You can find this phone used for about $200 in the USA and Canada, it is worth looking into.

Here are some updated Liquid’s photo/video to show Liquid’s quality:

Readers might be interested in my original Acer Liquid E review earlier this year.


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60 Responses to Acer S100 Liquid E Update Dec. 2011 – Now Running Android 2.3.7 (Gingerbread) via. LiquidNext ROM 1.9.2!!

  1. Tony says:

    What am I doing wrong no matter what I do I can not get this app installed on my Acer Liquid E. Please help

  2. ghettoracer says:

    first, LiquidNext is not an app, it is a ROM image. did you install malez recovery? you need to clearly explain what you have done exactly before anyone can help.

  3. ash says:

    i have installed LN1.9 as you have mentioned above and I have been having issues connecting to wifi. It will detect my router, saying “Obtaining IP address” and then “Disabled”. Did you have this problem when you installed yours? ALso I tried wiping all/factory reseting several times and still no luck. Can you pleaseoffer me a solution. THANKS ALOT

  4. muhammad says:

    download Liquid Next 1.9.2 or later (1.9.2 fixed the Metal Camera, low sound recording volume, and couple other little bugs), put it on the root folder of you sd card, and use malez to install it. reboot, and few minutes later, viola! ………… could u explain these part? .. i don’t understand where is my root folder ?…… and i hae acer liquid s100 ….. will these room work on it

    • muhammad says:

      i finally could made it …………but i have the same that ash have it ……….. i couldn’t connect to internet by wi-fi 😦

  5. Prometeo says:

    Hey..I have just updated the system to version 2.3.6 – i had it rooted with superclick previously, but after the update i cannot find any way to root the device. would you be able to help at all? thanks!

  6. ozfunghi says:

    Did you do a “wipe all” in the malez menu before installing your rom?

    Make sure you have Android 2.2 running or upgrade.
    Install liquid drivers on your pc
    install malezrecovery on your pc
    follow directions in popup (cmd) window on pc during install of malezrecovery, how to install on phone
    reboot phone in malezrecovery (simultaniously hold volume down, camera, power buttons)
    In malez menu: make backup, install busybox root phone, create ext partition on SD (make SD backup first)
    Copy ROM file (.zip) to SD card with PC.
    reboot phone again in malez, wipe all, flash ROM zip file.

    I think this is all i did and everything works perfectly.

    • cheb says:

      malez recovery: i chose Nandroid backup but i was not able to click nandroid+ext backup (qpps2sd), now, all my files are gone. is there any way to regain them back? hopelesssssss 😦

  7. kdriver says:

    Does the ROM image for gingerbread include other languages? I live in Belgium and want to use my phone in Dutch language…

  8. Andrew says:

    Hi GhettoRacer, thanks for this great article! I’m now using the LiquidNext ROM and it’s very impressive!! One of the limitations with the LiquidE is the internal storage, but I’m now free to install as many apps as I like with the ability to move to sd-ext. Basically I was having the same problem you were with running out of space, so I couldn’t update apps. I’m glad I chose to flash this ROM rather than the stock. Now I have the added bonus that Sygic Aura actually works on my device while it doesn’t on the stock 2.2 ROM. Also the ability to overclock, although haven’t had time to play with that yet!

    • GhettoRacer says:

      You are welcome Andrew. The real thanks needs to be credited to the LiquidNext developer. My Liquid E is now a powerful little phone that does so much little things for me…

  9. Harley says:

    i just got an acer liquid next and when you turn it it is supposed to flip the screen but when i try it will just stay the same. so could you please tell my how to fix that

    • GhettoRacer says:

      I’m not really sure what you mean by “flip the screen”. Which version ROM are you on? When you install LiquiNext for the first time, it is recommended that you reboot it a few times… as it has lot of internal house keeping stuff to do. Sometimes it would take few minutes before getting pass the initial LiquidNext “splash screen”.

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  11. Sandy says:

    Just want to say thanks for your post, found it while searching for rooting Liquid E.
    I’m a total newbie to this process and I just went with the LiquidNext rom you suggested, ran into few bumps while installing MalezRecovery but everything after was pretty straightforward.
    So far my phone looks pretty damn good and NEW again, can’t wait to check out all the features.
    Thanks again.

    • GhettoRacer says:

      Thanks for letting me know. I’m kind of surprised at the amount of hits my Liquid E Update is getting (about 30 hits on average a day!). I guess there are actually quite a number of ACER Liquid E users out there. You are going to love it because now it is like a brand new phone!! LiquidNext made it all possible.

  12. Alex G. says:

    I tried to root my Acer Liquid 3 with z4root and it didn’t work :\ I tried to install malez to but noting seemed to work! Any help please?

  13. GhettoRacer says:

    Are you sure you gave it enough time? Sometimes it takes pretty long to install… You should post to the LiquidNext official fan page on facebook if you continue to have problems. You should also flash it to the last factory ACER ROM first, before installing LN.

    • Alex G. says:

      Well the Facebook official page don’t seem to had any response since october :\ And iv’e tried again to install the LN 1.9.2 rom and now it passes the blue Android Logo but can’t seem to get further now than the LiquidNext logo that keep rerefreshing over and over again for the last 30 minutes.

      • GhettoRacer says:

        hey, i was experiencing what you have the other day. i had to do a complete re-install. the trick was you need to use malez to wipe the data clean! hope this helps.

      • Alex G. says:

        Lol… -_- I FINALY was able to install LN 1.9.2 on my phone but now my problem is that my phone is stuck into airplaine mode and I can’t detect any Network anyway(I’m with FIDO/ROGERS). I’ve even tried with my fiancée SIM card and it does the same; Mobile Network impossible to connect to. I’ve even tried some older LN, but with no positive result. And i’ve seen on forums that i’m not the only one to have this problem.

  14. S. Cory says:

    nice man, great post….quick question tho…i watched that same video (thanked him on his video too) but there was a part that got me a little paranoid…when he said he had to flash a radio back on to get his 3g going again…

    did you have to flash a radio? and if you did wich one and where did you get it? other then that, i’m with you 100 percent buddy, great looking rom with a nice overclocking kernal

    • GhettoRacer says:

      i’m not sure what you mean by flash a radio… all i’ve done are install/restore factory 2.1 ROM, install malez, use that to wipe, partition, then install LN 1.9.2.

  15. zakinas says:

    to S. Cory
    Just a detail:
    The guy in the video talekd about setting 3g parameters manually in the phone ( no flashing here).Notice that he was using the ROM LiquidNext 1.7.2 ( which is a bit old) while the one that GhettoRacer is using is version 1.9.2 where those 3g problems were probably resolved. That explains why GhettoRacer didn’t experience any issue with his 3g connexion.

    • GhettoRacer says:

      I bought my Acer Liquid E in Feb. 2011 and I was using the stock Taiwan FET Android 2.1/2.2 ROM for a long time until about Oct. 2011. Then I found out about LiquidNext. At the time it was release 1.9.1 which is basically the same 1.9.2.

  16. EL AY says:

    Should the phone be unlocked first??( locked onto the rogers network)??

    • GhettoRacer says:

      Honestly, I”m not sure. I would think you do unlock it first or later either way should work fine…

    • Alex G. says:

      I honestly doesn’t know, cause i tend to find a lot on the web problems with people who are with Fido / Rogers network provider and have a lot of problems with LiquidNext and detecting the network or are having crash with it. Until now i’ve still not found any solution.

      • GhettoRacer says:

        Well, I’ve used my LiquidNext 1.9.2 powered Acer Liquid E in Taiwan with Far East Tone cell service, and in the last 3 months I’ve been in California using the same phone with AT&T. I don’t have any issues with connections.

  17. Alex G. says:

    Well, i tried ALL LN versions since version 1 and i always have craching and airplaine mode getting on an off alone. I even tried my fiancée Fido’s SIM CARD who is brand new and I had the same problems. I’m kinda confuse.

  18. Andy says:

    I just tried to instal Malez recovey but at the end it did a reboot and it started again the original software so I turned the phone off and when I tried to turn it on nothing happened. It’s not reacting, I also tried the key combination vol- & camera & power but without luck, so I have a phone that’s doing nothing…

    How can I fix this or what steps can I do to make it work or make it do something ?

    • Andy says:

      It’s installed but the battery is draining to fast 😦
      Liquidnext is working very fast and very smooth, I love it except the battery draining.

      • GhettoRacer says:

        it could be your battery is going bad. my original factory battery was draining very fast after 1 year. i bought two 1500 mAh from ebay for less than $20 shipped they they can go full 24 hours with moderate use. you should also download an app call Easy Battery Saver by 2EASY. it greatly extends the battery life. one of the best free apps ever!!

    • GhettoRacer says:

      i’m glad you got it to work. you didn’t even clearly explain what version of ROM and software ware versions you were installing originally. lol. as a note to other readers, you should restore to factory ROM image first, and go from there.

  19. Andy says:

    Hi, I’m very sure it’s because of the rom that the battery is drained to fast.
    Never had that problem until I installed this rom, the moment I used this rom I had this problem. 😉

    Android 2.2 Froyo was originally installed on my phone. And I followed your instructions for installing Liquidnext 1.9.2 😉
    When Malez Recovery was installed I did a reset to factory with malez, there was an option if I remember right.
    Do you know if it is possible to install the CyanogenMod rom on an Acer S100 ?

  20. Vishnu says:

    I have acerbic liquid e mobile android2.2 running and iwant to upgrade it to android2.3 kindly send me the information regarding this

  21. Anindyanto says:

    hi, i’ve intalled LN 1.9.2 on my liquid e, everything is good but i couldn’t install google maps, i try it from the pc too but it says my device isn’t supported.. you know why is this happening? thanks!

    • GhettoRacer says:

      unfortunately i don’t… i’m not an expert in LN or Android. at best i’m just a fluent user. i’ve never had an application that reported the error “your device isn’t supported”. you will probably have better luck trying to contact google support for help. my only advice to people are to always reflash to stock ROM image first, then full wipe. and the install malez, and then LN and so forth. good luck.

  22. waseem says:

    acer liquid s100, liquidnext 1.9.2
    hey there, i have some problems, and will much appreciate if some one help me out.
    1) during charging, and for a continuous use, say half hour, my phone lower back side becomes really hot i m really hot. is it normal ?
    2) my main menu/desktop icons lag when i return to them, means they appear afet a second or 2 after texting aor from other applications.
    3) what is the best underclock /over clock ratio for a regular use like texting, wifi (like 2-3 hrs not continuous), (no music)

    • GhettoRacer says:

      use software to monitor the battery temp. it is natural for it to get warm during charging. you can keep the back side face up to help cooling, or better yet remove the back cover during charge. i’ve been using smartass2 as the clock government and my max speed is set to 968 mhz. any higher i have lock up issues. but at 968 it works well and is fairly stable. once in a while it locks up (every few days, not often at all).

  23. Roxana says:

    I don’t know what I do wrong.After I reboot it,it shows me a mesage: ” Warning!This OS cannot be upgraded on 256M Liquid!”. What should I do?

  24. cheb says:

    i have successfully installed malez and rooted my acer liquidE s100
    reboot my phone but shows:
    Installation aborted (in yellow font)

    what seems to be the problem?

    need feedback thanks

  25. Fulki Meda says:

    Have you ever thought about publishing an e-book or guest authoring on other blogs?
    I have a blog based on the same information you discuss and would love to have you share some
    stories/information. I know my readers would appreciate your work.
    If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

    • Beastmaster says:

      To everyone who has tried this, It does work it took me a few tries to get it installed.
      The problem i had was installing Malez Recover 0.6.1 go here to download the newer version.
      If you go here it will tell you how to install malez recovery
      I also watched some install videos on youtube and it helped.
      I have this phone for two years now and i really like it, works well.
      Now if someone could make ICS work on the acer liquid e that would be even better.

    • GhettoRacer says:

      hello, i didn’t see this comment until now. i have not gave thought about publishing e-book. i write my blog just to share my experiences mainly. you can always take information from my blog. as long as you credit or link back to my blog i’m okay with it. thanks for writing. -frank in 2016 ha ha.

  26. Hari says:

    I have installed the malez, but i cannot reboot my phone with (volume down + camera + Power) button. I cannot use malez as i cannot reboot. What should i do now?

  27. jaffar says:

    hi sir my phone is acer s100 but game is not specs i am instal sd card is specs 8 gb game instal manage applications remove pleace solov problem

  28. Jap_line says:

    i follow all the steps correctly but after flashing the Liquid Next rom only stuck on blue screen after the acer and liquid next logo!

    i repeat the process but still same problem!


  29. kristiexe2 says:

    Test, just a test

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