These Americans are Dumb, Thoughtless and Ignorant… 這些美國人是愚蠢,輕率和無知的…

Unbelievable.  People with out compassion are pretty worthless in my books.  When I was growing up in Taiwan I heard a lot of bad things about Japanese people for what they’ve done in WW2.  In USA, they make huge deals about Pearl Harbor as well, but they rarely talk about the sufferings of Japanese-Americans in concentration camps.

However, I have quite a few Japanese friends and after spending some time in Japan, I absolutely love them.  They have so many fine qualities as a race and society.  The average level of a Japanese on any standard is extremely high – be it politeness, knowledge, humbleness, discipline… etc.  It is a nation of tradition, technology, culture, spirit, and so much more.  Unfortunately this event looks like it will be an incredible set back to the entire Japanese nation.  Only time will tell how extensive the damage this is…  but I think the spirit of Japanese people will prevail in the end!!  I know it!  But there will be tough times ahead and it is times like this you find out what people are made of.  This applies to all humans!

These stupid ignorant Americans below make me feel shameful!  Luckily I know they are just a few of the bad apples.

難以置信這些人。對我而言沒有同情心的人是毫無價值的。我生長在台灣,小學時我聽到很多日本人不好的事情特別是他們在第二次世界大戰的所作所為。在美國, 他們喜歡對珍珠港大做文章但他們很少談及日裔美國人在集中營的裡痛苦。

不過,我有不少日本朋友而且我曾經花費一些時間在日本,我絕對喜歡他們。作為一個種族和社會, 他們有很多優秀品質。日本人的平均水平的在任何標準都非常高 – 無論是禮貌,知識,謙遜,紀律…等。 這個國家有很好的傳統,科技,文化,精神,和更多!!

不幸的是這一事件對整個日本民族看來會是一個令人難以置信挫折只有時間才能告訴我們損害是如何廣泛…  但我認為日本人民的精神,最終會佔上風!我相信!但是,不久的將來將是艱難的歲月,就這是種時代在考驗你的人格。這適用於所有人類!



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