Overall A Pretty Good Day Today, And Some Misc Rambling… (My Parents, It’s A Love/Hate Relationship)

I took my mom out on a hike this morning to 圓山 Yuan-San.  We used to go very often last year in 2010.  However,  her constant negativity got to me and I refused to go with her for a while.  Lately I’m been fed up with her self pity crap so I’m taking command and telling her to start thinking positive, or else!!

My taking no prisoner approach is working some what.  Yah it backfires at times and thus the big yelling session the other night.  But in the end it was still a positive thing.  It was sunny out today and the temperature very comfortable.  We hiked and chatted about many things.  Her constant worry about my future including my job and girlfriend.  I told her there is nothing to worry about and I have it all figured out.  I’ll execute and everything will be how I want it to be.  I want nothing less.

We talked about my dad and how he should be helping his siblings…  But he’s such a frugal ass sometimes.  It’s annoying because he’s to the point of penny wise, pound foolish.  The air was so fresh in the little mountain and the energy/chi was fantastic in the entire mountain.  It was really nice day out.

On the way down the mountain, we saw a pack of 4 dogs just chilling soaking up the winter sun.  The atmosphere was very relaxing.  We also saw a super cute kitten.  She looks about 1 to 1.5 years old.  Beautiful color and a lovely coat of fur.  She is so friendly and playful too.  I think i’m gonna take her home.  I’m going to buy a cage to bring her home.  She is an absolute beauty.  Too bad I didn’t have my camera today.  Hopefully she is still there tomorrow.  While playing with the cat an old lady walks by and we chatted with her.  She’s already 81 years old but was still hiking!!  She had a elegant, beautiful and serene face and my intuition told me that she must used to be a teacher.  And right I was!  She said she taught elementary school for multiple decades before retiring.  After a bit more chatting it turns out she went to the same high school as my mom back in middle Taiwan.  They are alumnus.  She is actually 16 years older than my mom.  Pretty wild.

The entire hike took a solid 2.5 hours and we covered a good 6km or so.  We got back just in time for Ahh-San who already had lunch prepared for us.  I had been up since 6:30 am so I went back to bed and took a nap.  Then at 4pm I took my mom up to Sa-Mao San to my favorite hot spring.  She still has linger sore throat from when she caught a cold 2 weeks ago.  I told to stop taking lame ass western medicine and just let the hot spring work its magic.  She had to visit a traditional chinese medicine doctor so we arrive together but will leave separately.  I was there for solid 2 hours.  soaking and resoaking and did a lot of Bikram/Hatha yoga poses as well as a little bit of meditation and chi-kong combined.  I was able to reduce the strain on my lower back by alleviating the tightness quite a bit today.  The hard work paid off somewhat.  Lot of the old guys can do better splits than I can so it is inspirational to watch them.  There’s a old Chinese saying, if you increase the length of your tendon by one inch, then you will have prolong your life accordingly.  Flexibility is very important to longevity in our view.

After hot springs I went to Taipei American School for the Tuesday night indoor basketball 8-10pm.  I’m stopping being the nice guy and share the ball.  Now I’m taking command and I’m taking advantage of my scoring ability (I’m a very dominate scorer playing 1-1 or 3-3) and use that as my first option and then share/pass to team mates if they get into open spot.  I’m fine tuning my timing so I can get my teammates better looks and so I can record some assists in my future competition games.

I saw this short paragraph about relationships and… wow.

“你只不過仗著我喜歡你, 就可以沉默不語不管我的著急, 就可以不回信息不顧我的焦慮, 就可以將我的關心說成讓你煩躁的原因, 就可以把我的思念丟在角落不屑一顧, 就可以對著其他人微笑給別人擁抱, 就可以忘了我的傷心…” 。

Ohh boy, that way of thinking bring back some heart arching memories.  I’m so glad I moved on years ago. 🙂  Live & Learn.  Cheers.  -Frank Feb. 21, 2011

So like, remember I had a huge yelling session with my dad about a week ago?!   Well, I just had a big one with my mom too.  🙂  Hahaha. I guess I’m finally a grown man at last. I’m so sick of their bullshit.  Yah I know they love me but they are holding me back too damn much.  Hello world.   Here I come.  -Frank Feb. 21, 2011

Sagittarius horoscope for Feb 23 2011

Sagittarius Feb 23, 2011 If money has been an issue lately, you will soon have reason to be relieved. The pressure is slowly diminishing. Your prospects for financial gain are increasing. An opportunity is headed toward you now. It may not arrive for a day or two, but you need to be aware of its existence so that you can take advantage of it at the right moment. Be on the lookout for a chance to improve your finances and enjoy greater material security in your life. Visualization can help you to make the most of what’s to come.

This is a good one for me and absolutely spot on so I thought I’d save it! -Frank



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  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

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