poor baby chick. :’-( 變電箱爆炸女童重傷

This is the kind of crap that piss me off. This story is about an 8 years old girl in Southern Taiwan. She was being a good kid and offered to take out the trash for her mom. Unfortunately for her, when she was doing this ordinary daily routine, a transformer exploded and the poor kid has 2nd and 3rd degree in 39% of her body. The doctor has predicted the recovery period will be about 3 years. Burn recovery is a very painful process. Stupid ass Taipower needs to step up to the plate and pay for her entire treatment. And she should also get some pain and suffering compensation. Also, shouldn’t the girl be entitled to the Government’s Compensation program?! 國家賠償?


變電箱爆炸女童重傷 家屬泣賠償談不攏

更新日期:2011/03/08 17:35

去年10月,高雄茄萣一具台電變 電箱因故障發生爆炸,造成週邊6位村民受傷,其中傷勢最嚴重的郭小妹全身39%受到2至3度的燒燙傷,但家屬今天在立委的陪同下出面,哭訴台電不願面對賠 償責任。台電方面則表示,對於家屬所提出的醫療費和精神撫慰金350萬元,沒辦法達成共識,但是台電有誠意持續協商。(李人岳報導)


台電高雄營業處副處長沈釗立表示,茄萣當地受鹽害影響,導致變電箱發生故障爆炸,造成6人受傷,台電在事發後,不但由副總經理親自南下探視,也承諾會全力支 付醫療費用;不過和郭小妹家屬所提出的醫療費和精神撫慰金350萬元,還沒辦法達成共識,台電會持續協商。不過立委質疑,郭小妹的復健還有漫漫長路要走, 人生已經受到傷害,台電身為國營事業,應該拿出社會責任,對於後續的賠償,應該拿出充分誠意。


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