tales from the hot springs (updated)

i’ve met quite a few interesting people from the hot spring community.  i love talking to the elders and learn more about them.  many of them have interesting lives and they have so many cool stories to tell.  i will start writing about them soon. this will also contain random stories about the hot springs

some photos from my favorite hot springs:

fresh mountain hot spring water. none of that recycled crap. temperature = pretty damn hot, and the other one, smoking hot. lol.

view through one of the roof side openings.

there are a bunch of hot spring joints up stream of this location so they all dump used spring water into the river. the source of the hot spring is naturally underground.

this is the cold tank. you can taste the sweetness of the mountain stream.

looking up from the hot spring. very sunny day out. super nice. ~27c.

there are some naked dudes to my right so i can only take photo of this corner. i got in a butt naked sun tanning session today. w00 h00. the sound of the river floating down is very relaxing.

view from cherry hill hot spring, my former favorite spring @ sa-mao san. just took my uncle here… the water is semi recycled though. not as good as the other place down the hill which has super fresh hot spring water. it makes a huge difference. no wonder all the pros go to the other one. you can actually see taipei 101 from this place.

5am in tien mu, i’m waiting for the bus to take me up to my favorite hot spring!

March 7th, 2011 8:55pm

okay today was weird i thought i was about to DIE! sheeesh… after the usual 4-6pm basketball session at BTSC, i decided to head up (since it is near by) to hot springs right after bball. i was a little hungry so i stop by the convenience store to buy a tuna sandwich and some soy milk. chowed them down really fast and rode up the hill the the hot spring. i do my usual stuff, washed and scrubbed myself clean before hopping in the hot springs.

i was feeling kinda lazy so i didn’t really do my stretching and yoga routines. just hopped in and out of hot water a few times. then it was about 7:05pm when i decided to do my chikong to accumulate some chi. normally i just do it in the hot water until i can’t take it anymore any i go immediately to the cold tank and do the finishing pose and lock the chi in. well, today i decided to do it for extended time. after about 5 mins in the water, i got up and continue the sitting pose on the side. then after the body started to get colder, i went back in the water and did some more. all feels normal at this point, then i got out of the water, did the sitting pose for couple of minutes now it is about 7:17pm (i kept an eye on the clock) and i thought to myself lets lock it in now. did it for a while then i started to feel a little funny, like light headed. then tried to lie back and rest. i saw the time was 7:25pm at this time. the dizziness gets worse and i lay to the right side… it does not help… finally i went back to the finishing pose (fist face each other) and slowly i felt better. eventually the dizziness went away and i felt back to normal.

this was the weirdest experience i have with chi kong related stuff so far. the way it felt was really weird… like i was hella hungry and dizzy, complete lack of energy actually. but i just ate a small snack right before coming to hot spring. i don’t think i was dehydrated as i was sipping water here and there. the only logical explanation was i kinda went overboard with the sitting chi accumulation pose. weird! i’m gonna have to call my teacher in Southern California and discuss this with him tomorrow.

Mr. Xio-Ming LIN 林秀明 先生

okay, this is going to get a little messy because i met Mr. Lin few weeks ago and have to recall everything from memory so bear with me…  i’m sure i will re-edit this later.  he is 11 years older than my dad so i would call him ahh-bei (伯父).  i learned that he is from the same village as my grand father call giao-shi (礁溪) which is in yi-lan county (宜蘭縣).  he have the same last name as my family so he is highly likely a distance relatively.  he doesn’t know his family tree that well though, so perhaps in the future we’ll research together.  when he was born Taiwan was still under Japanese ruling, which lasted for 50 years.  so Mr. Lin’s native tongue is actually Japanese.  but he is also fluent in Mandarin, Taiwanese, and English.  he is retired for quite some time but now days he spend a lot of time teaching English and Japanese to the community.  the classes are free and he gets paid by the government to do it.  it’s a pretty cool program that utilize talented seniors and it benefits society a great deal.  i told him i took couple years of Japanese in high school so i know a tiny bit of it…  he would love very much for me to pick it up so in the future he will teach me if there’s a chance.  mr. Lin is pretty old school…  he is just shy of 80 years old.  so he does not have a mobile phone.  to get in touch with him i’d have to call his home line.  to be continued…


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