I’m Watching You… (Expanded), FREE Love And Hugs Yo. ;-)

I’m watching you. Yes indeed.  I am going to do another round of negative energy removal soon.  I meant no offense if i do remove you. I just deem your ass not worthy of my time basically. Hahaha. Good luck in your future. I’ve got better things to do with my life than feeling your negative shit. 我正在看著你。 是的。很快我將要開始另一輪的負能量清除。如果你被我刪除…,。我只是基本認為你的屁股不值得我的時間。哈哈哈。祝你未來好運。與其感覺你的消極狗屎負能量, 我有更好的事情要做。 -Frank Feb. 16th, 2011

That was originally a quick “status update” on my facebook but I thought I’d expand on it a little bit.  I have read about the laws of attraction before and never thought much of it but i started to apply it in the last couple of months and I must say it does make a difference.

When there are people who are always negative, if you let them hang around you, the will affect you no matter what.  Even if you don’t realize it.  This stuff work in a magical way. i have met quite a few amazing people in my life and lot of my old friends are reconnected back to me in the last two months alone.  Once I started cutting off the shitty and semi shitty people in my life.  Things just keep on getting better and better!  Try it!!  Live your life!  Be it your job, work, family.  If you don’t like whatever aspect of your life, it is your decision and only you can make it better.  You don’t need to pray to god or anyone.  God only helps those who helps themselves, remember?  Only you control your destiny.  You have the free will.  If you need help, seek the family and friends that you can really trust.

On final thought, I have lot of amazing friends and family who have supported me one way or another in the past.  And I have also give quite a bit myself.  Give or take (probably more taking than giving, haha).  I remember all the guys (and girls) who treated me well.  in time when I am able to (mainly financially), I will reciprocate.  But in the mean time, if there is anything in my power i can do, you know I’m always right here just holler at me.  I definitely have a blessed life (有福氣) and I know it and i appreciate every bit of it!  Thank you all.  To my dear friends and family for all the great times.  In the mean time, what I have the most abundant is love & hugs.  Lots of love, and lots of hugs.  Plenty to give away.  so come get some if you need some!  I love you all.  🙂  *hugz*


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racer, driver coach, taoist, yogi, dreamweaver, bballer, rebel, philosopher, entrepreneur, kiva, lonewolf, vagabond, photo/video shooter, storyteller
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