i would vote for Jon Huntsman over Obama in 2012

Click link below to read UK’s The Telegraph on Jan. 31st, 2011 titled:

“US ambassador to China quits post amid presidential speculation”


Below is clipped from Huntsman’s wiki (linked below as well). The dude speaks fluent Mandarin and Taiwanese!! Plus he has spent time in China as ambassador. This makes him the perfect candidate to vote for if you are a Chinese voter in my opinion. Read and learn more about him. This is a good guy in my opinion!! Obama is freaking WEAK and inexperienced. I certainly do hope Jon runs in 2012!! USA needs a GOOD leader. If it is to retain leadership position globally. Otherwise at the current pace China is coming up FAST as hell and USA don’t have much time to mess around and get things done right… -Frank M. Lin March 2nd, 2011 9:29am

ps, i catagory this also under “people on my shit list” because of Obama! Jon is naturally on my good guys list. 🙂

Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. (born March 26, 1960) is an American politician and diplomat. He is the United States Ambassador to China until his resignation comes into effect on April 30, 2011. He previously served as the 16th Governor of Utah from 2005 until August 11, 2009, when he resigned during his second term in office to become Ambassador to China.[2]

On January 31, 2011, Huntsman submitted a letter to the White House announcing that he intends to resign as Ambassador to China, indicating that he wished to return to the United States by May 2011. On February 5, 2011, The Associated Press reported that Jon Huntsman was the target of China’s internet policing in the wake of the 2010–2011 Middle East and North Africa protests[3][4], and stated that he was captured on a video that showed him “scanning a crowd at the site of a tiny protest in Beijing”[5][6]. Leading Democrats and close associates of Huntsman alike believe he will seek the Republican nomination for the 2012 presidential election.[7][8][9]

Early life and education

Born in Palo Alto, California, Huntsman is the son of billionaire businessman and philanthropist Jon Huntsman of the Huntsman Corporation.[10] During the 1970’s, he dropped out of high school and was the keyboard player in a rock band before eventually resuming his studies[11]. He attended the University of Utah, where he became, like his father, a member of the Sigma Chi fraternity. He received a bachelor’s degree in International Politics from the University of Pennsylvania after transferring to that school.

He spent time in Taiwan as a Mormon missionary and speaks Standard Mandarin Chinese fluently.[12] He is also fluent in Taiwanese Hokkien (Minnan).[13]


From 1987 to 1988, Huntsman and his family lived and worked in Taipei. After college, Huntsman worked as a White House staff assistant in the Reagan Administration, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Commerce and Ambassador to Singapore in the administration of President George H. W. Bush, and a Deputy United States Trade Representative in the George W. Bush Administration.

In addition to his public service, Huntsman served as an executive for the Huntsman Corporation, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation, and CEO of Huntsman Family Holdings Company. Other organizations he has served include the Utah Opera, Envision Utah, the Coalition for Utah’s Future, and KSL-TV‘s Family Now campaign.

In November 2004, Huntsman was elected Governor of Utah with 57% of the vote, defeating Democratic Party nominee Scott Matheson, Jr.[14] He was re-elected in November 2008 with 77.7% of the vote, defeating Democratic Party nominee Bob Springmeyer.

Utahn Elementary Principal Rebecca Benally with Huntsman

During his tenure as governor, Utah was named the best managed state by the Pew Center on the States.[15]

At the 2008 Republican National Convention, Huntsman delivered a nominating speech for Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, the party’s nominee for Vice President.[16]

President Barack Obama nominated Jon Huntsman to serve as the United States Ambassador to China on May 16, 2009, noting his experience in the region and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. His nomination was formally delivered to the Senate on July 6, 2009. Huntsman appeared before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on July 23, 2009,[17] which favorably reported his nomination to the full Senate on August 4, 2009.[18] On August 7, 2009, the Senate unanimously confirmed Huntsman.[19] Huntsman resigned as Governor of Utah and was sworn in as Ambassador to China on August 11, 2009.[20]

Huntsman arrived in Beijing on August 21, 2009 to begin his assignment and he delivered his first press conference on August 22 after a meeting with Commerce Minister Chen Deming.[21] At his first meeting with the press, he announced the news that President Obama would visit China in mid-November.[22] He submitted his letter of reisignation for his post as Ambassador of China on 2 February 2011 fuelling speculation that he would run for office in the 2012 General Election. He will step down April 30, 2011. In February 2011 Huntsman’s name was blocked from web searches by China’s internet policing measures. Huntsman’s name joins “Tunisia,” “Egypt” and “jasmine” as blocked terms.


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