haha… what a loser! and i was right about her years ago…

i guess i got under somebody’s skin big time ehh?  all i needed to do was type a few little sentences and she got all worked up.  how was my message even abusive?!  hahaha…  silly lady, there’s a button call “block” that you can press.  you’re the one making threats and stuff, how childish.

she held a grudge years ago when i was (totally) joking to her and told her to stop pms’ing.  she was making fun of me a lot (except she actually wasn’t joking) back then and i dished a few back.  well, obviously someone has no sense of humor and has a little heart and easily hold a grudge.  what’s the matter woman?  you can dish it but you can’t take it?  you are sad.  do i really care that you banned me?  naw…  enjoy your little power trip while it lasts.  it is i who will have the last laugh in life.  your sorry life don’t even deserve anything from me except my laughter.


About GhettoRacer

racer, driver coach, taoist, yogi, dreamweaver, bballer, rebel, philosopher, entrepreneur, kiva, lonewolf, vagabond, photo/video shooter, storyteller
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