An Awkward Moment 02/16/2011 (funny)…

Holy shit. hahaha… but then again it’s kinda not a low blow, but a praise. I wonder what Belinda was really referring to. I suppose it might have not been about his package.

After a little google… Belinda explains:

“I’ve already had questions from Melbourne’s Herald-Sun asking if Mark and I have ever had history. To which I promptly said ‘No, never.’ … I just need to give you some background on Mark Aiston. Those is Adelaide who know Mark Aiston know that he’s a practical joker, and a prankster, and he’s always cracking jokes and trying to catch us out. So I’ve always had in my mind a desire to try and catch him, um, and on air no less. But, um, he just stepped right open into that, don’t you think? He just served it up, and I didn’t even have to think, I just lobbed it back. And it was only afterward that we crossed to the weather and went to a commercial break, we just lost it. We were in hysterics there on the news desk. I had no idea it would get this big.”


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