wow, amazing story in China… 2yo girl with a huge stomach

it’s about a little girl mere 18 months old. one day her stomach starts to grow. then it gets bigger and bigger. like HUGE. at one point she weighted 11kg and the tumor was more than half of her body weight. she’s from a poor family and the compassionate villagers do fund raising to help the family pay for the operation. but the operation need parental consent and the parents can’t sign it. what gives?? it turns out she was abandoned as a baby and the loving couple found her and took her in. she was never legally adopted! and her loving parents aren’t even paternal… this hits local news and words get around. the government steps in and cut through the red tape to allow the parents to rightfully become the legal guardian. so the tumor is basically a deformed “baby”, just bits and pieces of human growth tissue. in the end the operation is a success and the little girl gets healthy. she is a beautiful kid.

i love this video because of the compassion of the country side people, the selfless love of the parents, and how the government actually cut the bullshit and did it right.


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