一個真實的事,如果你在其中,你會怎樣呢?a true story, if you were there, what would you have done??

Updated 4/4/2014 @ 8:34 am @ Taipei, Taiwan – added a short film I found on youtube that’s based on this story.  Since the short film was winning awards in 2002 it must have been filmed in 2000 or 2001.  So the story was from even earlier time.

Originally published on 2/11/2011 @ 11:37 pm – origin unknown, i saw it in a Chinese yahoo blog. English translation revised by Frank M. Lin on Feb 9th, 2011 2am i looked over the google results and the earliest version of this story was posted in 2006.  But I think the story is much older.


This is a true story that happened in China

A bus full of passengers was traveling on a hilly mountain road.

山間公路上三名持槍歹徙居然盯上漂亮的女司機,強迫中巴停下, 要帶女司機下車去「玩玩」。
Midway through the journey, 3 armed thugs was eying the pretty woman bus driver. They forced the bus driver to stop the bus and wanted to have fun with the driver.

The woman driver naturally shouted for help, but all the passengers just kept quiet.

Only a weakly looking middle-aged man responded to her call for help. He had the courage and righteousness in him to speak up and ask the 3 men to stop; but he was beaten up badly as he was old and skinny. The man was very angry and appealed loudly to the other passengers to stop this uncivilized act but nobody responded. And the female bus driver was dragged by the 3 men to the bushes nearby.

半個時辰後,三歹徒與衣衫不整的女司機, 歸來回到車上。車又將行 ~~~ 女司機要被打傷流血的瘦弱男子下車。 男子不肯,僵持起來。
An hour later, the 3 thugs and the ruffled driver came back to the bus and the driver is ready to drive off again….. the lady bus driver want the weak and beaten up middle age driver to get off the bus, but the middle age man refused and there was a stand off between the driver and the man.

‘ 喂,你下車吧,我的車不拉你! ‘
‘Hey you, get off the bus!!’ the woman driver shouted to the man who tried to assist her earlier on.

The man was bewildered and said: “What’s wrong with you? I was trying to save you just now and was I wrong in doing so?”

“You save me? What have you done to save me?” The driver retorted, and a few of the passengers were quietly laughing away.

中年男子氣極,恨自已身無大俠之力! 救人未救成,可也不該得此 ~~~ 被驅逐下車的結果呀,他堅決不下。「再說我買票了,我有權坐車!」
The man was furious. Even though he did not have the ability to save her, he should not be given this treatment at all. He refused to get down the bus and said; “I’ve already paid for the trip and I have the right to remain.”

The driver put on a grim face and said: “If you don’t get off the bus, I will not drive.”

沒想到的是,滿車剛才還對暴行熟視無睹的乘客 卻如剛剛睡醒般,齊心協力地勸那男子下車:
What was unexpected was that the passengers, who were oblivious to the barbaric act of the thugs previously, suddenly woke up and in united effort asked the man to get off the bus saying:
“You might as well get off the bus, we have things to do and events to attend and we cannot afford anymore delays!”

有幾位力大的乘客 ~ 甚至想上前拖這中年男子下車,
使人想起莫泊桑筆下【羊脂球】的情節。 .
A few of the stronger passenger were trying to drag the man down the bus now. (yet they’ve done nothing earlier when faced with a gun)

三個歹徒咧著嘴笑,得意地笑了。 其中有個黑皮無賴毫不知恥地說:「哥們把她玩恣了!」 另外兩個歹徒也胡言亂語:「她是我對象,關你屁事!」
The 3 thugs were smiling knowingly at each other and a dark skinned thug commented: “We must have done a great job to the lady; she really enjoyed our company.”. The other two thugs were talking rubbish and said some stupid thing like “she’s my sex buddy, it’s none of your business”.

After much ado, the man’s luggage was thrown out the bus window and he was ousted out of the bus.

汽車又平穩地行駛在山路上,女司機掠了! 一下頭髮,按響了收音機。
The bus started on its journey again. The driver straightened up her hair and turned the radio to full volume.

The bus was reaching the hill top and will go downhill after a turn. The right side of the bus was facing an steep cliff..

The speed of the bus increased gradually. The driver’s face was very calm and serene with both hands on the steering wheel. Tears started to swell in her eyes..

一歹徒似乎覺察到了什麼,說: “慢點開,慢點開,你想幹什麼?”
One of the thug realized something amiss and said to the driver: ‘SLOW DOWN, what are you trying to do?’

女司機並不說話,車速越來越快。 歹徒企圖撲上去搶方向盤, 汽車卻像離弦的箭向懸崖衝去。
The driver said nothing, but the bus traveled faster and faster. The thug tried to grasp hold of the steering wheel, but the bus shoot towards the cliff like an speeding arrow leaving the bow.

第二天,當地報紙報導:伏虎山區 ~ 昨日發生慘禍, 一中型巴士摔下山崖。車上司機和十三名乘客無一生還 。
The next day, the local paper reported a tragic accident at the ‘Tiger Taming Hill’ region.
A medium sized bus fell through the cliff and the driver and the 13 passengers were all killed.

半路被趕下車的中年人看到報紙哭了, 誰也不知道他哭什麼,為什麼哭?
The man who was chased down the bus saw the paper and cried. Nobody knew what was he crying about and why he cried!

現在你知道他為什麼哭了嗎? 若你身在當時的情境,你會不會 ~ 也像那個中年人一樣挺身而出呢?
Do you know why he cried? If you were in the bus, would you stand up like the man did? Courage is not the absence of fear, but is the presence of fear and the will to go on. When it is crunch time, how will you handle it??

We need righteous people like him to in society. In modern day people are often too scared to stand up for what is right.

當我們用心對人時 ;有心人將以熱情回報妳 ;
希望我們都是用心的人 ; 也是有心的人
When we treat others with our hearts; we will receive warmth and love from people!


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