Fame vs. Infamy (originally titled Famous vs. Infamous)

Last updated 12/9/2011 1:51am – This article was first written and published on Oct. 29th, 2010.  There are photos I need to dig up from my back up hard drives to give a better visualization to the story.  Maybe I will even link some of the threads here for readers entertainment.  -Frank

I’m famous (or infamous) in certain circles of the automotive online forums due to my careless online antics few years ago. I really didn’t care for some of those people and that’s why I acted the way I did. In retrospect it probably wasn’t the greatest idea because after all, things stays online forever and every thing is archived somewhere… but it does not bother me because some of those guys were assholes anyway so they deserved to be treated as such.

What ticked me off quite a bit back then was the fact that some of those people were making up completely untrue things and that did get to me. I can handle a heavy load of good tease and witty comments but when the accusations were absolutely false and fabricated I lost my cool and just went elementary on some of them (yo mama bitttach. lol).

In the peak of my track whoring years (early 2000’s) I dedicated tremendous amount of time, money, energy and effort into the whole HPDE scene. I met so many great people and instructed for just about every club that held an event in California. I even ventured out to Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Ohio to instruct. The first half of 2000 (2000-2004) was the major growth years of HPDE and I would say the later half of 2000 (2005-2009) was the gaining of more advanced driving stuff like more serious built up track machines and events like various time attack.

My efforts and sincerity in instructing paid off because I was rewarded with driving many special cars. A few off the top of my head are:

Porsche Carrera GT
Ariel Atom (w/Niki Smart, co designer of Atom) powered by K20A in 2005 first Atom in USA
Porsche 996 GT3RS (ex American LeMans winner)
Porsche 996 GT3 Cup
Porsche 996 GT2
Lotus Elise powered by Honda B18C
RUF 996 R Turbo
RUF 996 R Turbo Cab
Jaguar E-Type
Ferrari F355 Coupe
Ferrari F360 Spider
Ferrari F550 Maranello
BMW Z8 (think of it as E39 M5 but 700lbs lighter!)
Several BMW E39 M5
Countless NSX
Countless E46 M3’s
Coutless E39 M3’s

It’s always a fantastic exchange with the owners of these fabulous cars to share with them a little bit of the abilities these machines are capable of. These wonderful moments are forever etched in my head and still brings a big smile when ever I replay these segments in my head. Thank you all for the great memories.

On the other hand, to all the people that have ever talked gibberish about me when you have never met me in person I’ll still salute you with a big middle finger. Race me for money? Any time.


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